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| Updated: March 25, 2021 3 min read

When the world went from in-person to virtual seemingly overnight, knowing how to look professional and appropriate in online meetings, webinars and other gatherings suddenly became a critical skill. We have some reminders and tips to help keep them at their best.


Throw some light on the situation

A common concern in virtual gatherings is being able to see whoever is talking. After all, communication isn’t just about the words, it’s also about facial expressions and gestures. Adequate lighting, whether it’s from natural light, a ring light or a desk lamp, allows people to see and fully grasp what the speaker is saying.

Fix the framing

Remind employees that the camera isn’t just capturing their face—it also sees everything in the background. Poor framing can be a distraction.

For the best framing, have employees:

  • Bring the computer and camera up to eye level.
  • Make sure the ceiling is out of the frame.
  • Keep kids, pets and other household members from wandering into the background.
  • Pick a background with a neutral wall or tastefully decorated bookshelf.

Dress for success

When it comes to dressing for virtual meetings, simple is often better. Too many details, patterns or graphics on clothing can be distracting. Urge employees to wear a single-color polo or dress shirt to create a polished look. For a more casual workplace, athleisure shirts will have staff feeling comfortable, yet still looking sharp.

Don’t forget sound

Meetings, webinars and other forms of online interaction are really about one thing: communication. But your staff can’t effectively communicate if a) no one can hear them or b) they’re having trouble hearing everyone else.

Ensure everyone’s messages are crystal clear by providing staff ear buds with a microphone. This useful technology giveaway brings sound directly to their ears while making sure that their microphone isn’t too close—or too far away—from their mouth.

Polish your appearance

When you know how to make your staff look good in virtual meetings, it allows the people who represent your organization to put their best foot (and face) forward.