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There’s a lot of value in improving customer relationships. For instance, if a company increases customer retention by just 5%, they can see profits go up 25%-95%.

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That’s a major return on investment.

Even better, building the relationship doesn’t require sweeping gestures (though those can be great too). Instead, by focusing on a few small details, you can create better customer service and build relationships that will last. Here are five easy ways to improve customer relationships.

Infographic on way to improve customer relationships

Tailor the buying process

When a customer is looking to make a purchase, their buying requirements will always be tied to needs and preferences, whether they’re looking for a certain model number or prefer a particular color.

Consider offering ways to get to what they need faster:

  • Divide up your sales team along certain product or service lines so customers can get more accurate help.
  • Create quizzes on your website that funnel customers toward their needs or interests.


Cut down on errors

While every company makes mistakes occasionally, order errors and confusing dialogues can prompt customers to look at other companies.

Take a few simple steps to make sure errors, no matter how small, don’t occur more than once:

  • Uncover the cause: Poor procedure? Lack of communication? Not enough training? Start by finding out what caused the problem.
  • Get input: Ask your staff how the team can keep the problem from occurring again. By brainstorming a solution you’ll not only determine what ideas will work best, you’ll also improve staff buy-in.
  • Standardize processes: Ensure everyone knows how to solve or prevent the issue, whether it’s via an easily accessible process or thorough training.


Make transactions memorable

Over the last few years, many online retailers have focused on making opening a package almost as fun as making a purchase. Unboxing experiences, from including branded giveaways such as flashlights, to dropping in a personalized thank-you note, to sealing the box with branded stickers, can create a memorable moment customers can’t wait to repeat.

Create a similar customer experience for other services and products as well. Selling a large machine or vehicle? Offer to come on-premises and do a personal configuration or demonstration. Performing a service? Include a small bonus service while on-site.


Offer personalized deals

The benefits of a personalized or loyalty deal aren’t just realized by the customer.

A whopping 83% of customers are more likely to repeat business with companies that have loyalty programs.

Much like a loyalty program, offering discounts or promotions on the products and services your customers use can be a powerful way to keep them coming back, while showing them that you’re paying attention and know their interests.

And although you can send deals via email, you could make a more memorable impression by sending a message and a coupon, printed on a magnet, through the mail.


Little details go a long way to improve customer relationships

While many businesses might feel like making a grand gesture is what keeps a customer close, knowing how to improve customer relationships with the little things will keep them coming back again and again.

Key takeaways:

  • Tailor the buying process
  • Cut down on errors
  • Make transactions memorable
  • Offer personalized deals