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| Updated: May 10, 2022 4 min read

Hybrid events are becoming more common, with 73% of event planners predicting that hybrid events will continue to rise in popularity.

Man at trade show. His computer screen shows the trade show floor and virtual attendees.

It isn’t a surprise, as hybrid events give your company and your sponsors’ companies the best of all worlds—flexibility, increased reach and attendance and greater sponsorship opportunities. If we’ve piqued your interest, keep reading. We offer six ideas for how to get the best hybrid event sponsors for your next event.

  1. Conduct in-depth research
  2. Clearly display sponsor benefits
  3. Improve your team’s expertise
  4. Invite sponsor opinions
  5. Set competitive prices
  6. Provide customization options
Woman sitting at desk looking at computer. Her screen shows a trade show.

1. Conduct in-depth research

First things first: Before you can try to sell a sponsorship opportunity, understand who you’re talking to. Who is your company reaching out to—the brand manager or the startup founder? What audience is their company trying to reach? What are their pain points when it comes to sponsoring an event? And what does success look like? Start with online research to answer these questions. If your team can’t find the answers they’re looking for, consider reaching out to the potential sponsor. Offer a sponsor thank-you gift in exchange for a 20-minute call. Gift ideas include a sportpack, glass and stainless steel tumbler, umbrella or coffee shop gift card.


2. Clearly display sponsor benefits

Sometimes, the benefits of sponsorship are clear to the company hosting the event, making it easy to gloss over what the potential sponsor has to gain. When presenting a sponsorship opportunity, talk about the benefits in detail (specifically the ones that will help meet the sponsors’ objectives). For instance:

  • Brand exposure
  • Lead generation
  • Estimated ROI
  • Positive public relations

33% of businesses spend at least 21% of their event budget on sponsorship, so it’s crucial that potential sponsors understand how their investment will pay off.

3. Improve your team’s expertise

Getting a sponsor for a hybrid event requires an additional layer of skills. Don’t rely only on what your company has done in the past. Train your team to:

  • Design sponsorship packages that let sponsors benefit from both the in-person and digital side.
  • Become familiar with the hybrid platform’s features and capabilities.
  • Answer any possible questions potential sponsors may have about how the hybrid event will work—from day-to-day flow to more in-depth logistics.

4. Invite sponsor opinions

A not-often-utilized way to get hybrid event sponsors is to ask potential sponsors for their ideas. While the final decisions and bulk of planning lies with your team, letting potential sponsors know you welcome their ideas shows that you value their opinion and helps them feel they’ll get the most out of the event. Sponsors may have an idea you haven’t thought of yet—especially if they’ve already participated in a hybrid event. Even if you end up not using their ideas, send them a sponsor thank-you gift so they know you appreciate their input. Anything from a soft-shell jacket to a sleeve of golf balls to a magnetic flashlight would be a great choice.


5. Set competitive prices

If this is your company’s first hybrid event, consider pricing your sponsorship packages a little below market value. This helps ensure you make the best first impression at the start of your long-term relationship. Competitive pricing helps mitigate possible risks too: for instance, if the in-person aspect of your event gets cancelled—or a less-than-expected number of tickets are sold. When potential sponsors see your company going above and beyond to look out for their best interests, they may be more likely to partner with your business.


6. Provide customization options

Sponsors are likely more willing to jump on board when they can customize their package. Consider offering options like:

  • Sponsoring one specific aspect of your event
  • Sponsoring only the virtual or in-person event
  • Including their branded promo products in the event welcome bag

When spicing up your package tiers, include things like social media brand mentions, an attendee lounge room branded with your sponsor’s logo, livestream options, and the opportunity to sponsor the after-hours cocktail hour.


Easily gain top sponsors

With ideas for how to get hybrid event sponsors, like doing in-depth sponsor research, setting lower prices and offering package customization options, it’ll be easy to snag the best sponsors for your hybrid event. Good luck!

Key Takeaways

  • Research your sponsors
  • Make benefits clear
  • Ask for sponsor opinions
  • Set low prices