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| Updated: May 10, 2022 3 min read

The most recent reports show 73% of exhibit events were cancelled during the first quarter of 2020, while 27% were postponed. Although more recent figures are yet to be calculated, we know it will be a while before trade shows return. That may leave you wondering how to get sales leads. But there are still plenty of opportunities to fill your sales funnel. Read on for a few ideas.


Use personalized lead magnets

A lead magnet is something that entices someone to give you their email address. It could be a whitepaper download or a how-to guide. Instead of using one general lead magnet for your entire audience, create a lead magnet for each target audience. Or list a few lead magnet topics and poll your audience on which one is most valuable.


Use the trade show email list

If possible, ask the event organizer to share the trade show’s email list with you. Create an email campaign that offers help and advice based on your product or service.


Build a welcome sequence

When a new subscriber gives you their email address, you want to make a lasting first impression. While your lead magnet will do the initial work, it’s a good idea to send them follow-up emails.

A welcome sequence familiarizes new subscribers with your blog, business and brand. It also gives them an overview of what you have to offer. To get people to engage with you, ask them to email you back with their top two questions—and let them know they’ll get a gift, like a tote bag. Of course, answering their questions sparks great conversation!


Give free value

Offer free value to your audience. When times are tough, knowing how to get sales leads starts with the basics of being a helpful company that goes out of its way for customers.

Giving free value can be done virtually or in person. For example, post on LinkedIn® with an offer for a 15-minute consultation. Or you can send hot prospects customer giveaways, like a branded trucker hat, stress ball or keychain, with an invitation to connect virtually.


Hold a webinar

According to 73% of marketing and sales leaders, webinars are one of the most effective ways to generate quality leads. When someone signs up for your webinar, they’re already invested in what you have to say. Pack your presentations full of useful content to make their time worthwhile, and maybe you’ll nudge them closer to a sale.

You can even use your webinar to generate leads. Before you wrap up, announce a contest for user-generated content you’ll post on social media. Choose tech-related customer giveaways, like cleaning cloths or ear buds.


Get more sales leads alternatively

How to get sales leads without trade shows takes a little ingenuity. But by combining these lead generation ideas with branded customer giveaways, you’ll start filling your sales funnel. Good luck!


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