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| Updated: January 13, 2023 5 min read

Did you know a 5% increase in customer retention can result in a 25% profit increase? And 65% of an organization’s business comes from current customers. To succeed in business, it’s helpful to transform casual consumers into lifelong customers who love your brand, advocate for it and never want to leave. We offer ideas on how to create loyal customers for life.


Unhappy customer on phone becoming happy customer when staff hands him gift card.


7 ideas on how to create loyal customers

  1. Provide stellar service
  2. Spotlight customers
  3. Offer rewards
  4. Own up to mistakes
  5. Personalize interactions
  6. Focus on convenience
  7. Ask for feedback

1. Provide stellar service

Ninety-three percent of customers are more likely to give your brand repeat business when they receive above-and-beyond customer service. And 77% share positive brand experiences with friends, on social media or in an online review. Show heartfelt appreciation when a customer leaves 5-star feedback by sending them a customer giveaway, like a Campfire Candle with Bamboo Lid, 2-piece wine opener set or Soft Knit Throw Blanket. They’ll be pleasantly surprised with the thank-you gift and more likely to sing your praises and recommend your business.


2. Spotlight customers

Humanize your brand and develop individual loyalty by featuring customers in your social media posts, newsletters or emails. Every month, highlight a customer. Maybe you just closed a new client who’s excited to see their organization grow, or perhaps you have a long-time customer who sends lots of referrals your way. Not only do these types of shout-outs build customer loyalty, but also encourage people who see the feature to stick with you in hopes they might be featured in the future.


3. Offer rewards

While loyalty programs are often used to encourage new business, they’re fantastic for retaining customers. In fact, . Your organization can make it simple by offering early-bird access or exclusive coupons to existing customers. If you’d like an option with more bells and whistles, create a full rewards program where customers build up points for things, like purchases, referrals and leaving reviews.


4. Own up to mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. Making a mistake in business doesn’t mean you’ll lose customers. In fact, properly handling a mistake can turn an unhappy customer into a loyal advocate. Here’s how to effectively handle a mistake:

  1. Be sincere in your apology.
  2. Verify the issue by repeating it back to the customer.
  3. Clarify what the customer wants from you.
  4. Explain how you’ll make amends.
  5. Send an apology, like a handwritten note coupled with a customer giveaway, such as a vacuum camp mug or Holiday Cookie Cutter Set.


Unhappy customer on phone turning into happy customer with staff handing branded card in-person.


Customers will appreciate your efforts and will be more likely to come back for future transactions when you make things right.

5. Personalize interactions

From using their first names in emails to including handwritten thank-you notes with new orders, personalizing customer interactions creates appreciation and leaves a positive lasting impression.


People want to feel like they’re dealing with a human, not a faceless company—they want to feel known, not like just another number in the system. Help put those concerns to rest with personalized communication.


6. Focus on convenience

Where can you cut back on “work” for your customers? Have your team audit the customer journey from beginning to end. Is there a form that could be condensed? Can a chatbot help to address customer concerns? Could an extensive FAQ list more efficiently answer common questions? When customers can find what they’re looking for when they want it, they’re more likely to choose your brand for the long term.


7. Ask for feedback

Nothing transforms a customer into a loyal advocate more than seeing a brand take their advice.

Ninety-one percent of people believe listening to customers should drive a business’s innovation, compared to 31% who think businesses should hire a team of experts.

After a recent purchase or interaction, follow up by asking for feedback. Make sure to let customers know that you take their feedback seriously. Questions to ask may include:

  • What product or service would you like to see us offer?
  • How can we exceed your expectations rather than just meet them?
  • What would you improve about your last experience with us?
  • What do you most enjoy about working with us?


Once you’ve collected feedback, implement the best suggestions to help improve your customers’ experience with your brand.


Boost loyalty by learning how to create loyal customers

By knowing how to create loyal customers, like providing stellar customer service, focusing on convenience and asking for feedback, your company can watch occasional customers become top fans for life.


Key Takeaways

  • Offer rewards for loyalty
  • Own mistakes
  • Focus on convenience
  • Ask for feedback