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With a well-executed plan for how to communicate company news internally, employees will feel valued and won’t miss important news. From a major process change to new hires to new clients and much more, solid internal communication is crucial. In fact, 69% of internal communicators use formal planning in their communication strategy.

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Knowing how to communicate important company news can help ensure your communications team can send out relevant information to each employee in a timely manner. We offer a few tips.

How to communicate internally

  1. Create a communication culture.
  2. Use a dedicated spot.
  3. Begin a monthly newsletter.
  4. Provide value.
  5. Explain aftereffects.
  6. Invite questions.

1. Create a communication culture

When communication is built into your culture, it can help increase your bottom line.

Companies that effectively communicate may boost productivity by up to 25%.

Choose a central collaboration and communication tool. Eliminate one-way communication by encouraging employee responses. Have a colleague review the news before you share it with the entire team to ensure that it’s concise and relevant—this also helps prevent information overload and unnecessary language.

2. Use a dedicated spot

If your company uses specific communication software, create a dedicated channel or thread just for sharing internal news. That way, if employees want to revisit the news, or if someone was on vacation and is just now hearing of it, they know exactly where to go for details. An employee-only blog also works well. A central hub can simplify the process. Simply announce to the entire team that there’s new information—or send an email blast—and people can click the link.

3. Begin a monthly newsletter

A monthly newsletter can be a convenient way to share all the latest internal news in a simple, easy-to-read format. Provide professional and personal information about new hires to help people get to know them. Talk about newly acquired clients. Announce upcoming events. Don’t skip over difficult news, either. Transparency helps increase trust, morale, engagement and retention with your team.

To encourage staff members to read the newsletter every month, gamify it. For example, include an intentional misspelling or repeated word and provide an employee giveaway to each person who finds it. Fun prize ideas include a classic tumbler, Mobile Office Supply Pouch and message board.

4. Provide value

Good internal news isn’t limited to announcements and events. Staff members will appreciate useful information that can help them do a better job, make a process easier or simply gain new insights. Perhaps there’s a recent article your SEO team could use. Or an online course your design team would enjoy. Balancing inspirational and educational news with other content helps keep things fresh. It also shows that your company cares about the team and is going the extra mile to assist them by providing valuable information.

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5. Explain aftereffects

Employees care about how certain news will affect them. Will it change a minor aspect of their role? Or is it going to be a big deal moving forward? Is there something they need to do differently now? Be sure to include how the news will affect people—and go above and beyond to explain aftereffects in an empathetic manner. If there are no effects, be clear about that too.

6. Invite questions

Let team members know you want this to be a two-way conversation. Encourage them to ask any and all questions. If it makes team members more comfortable, provide an anonymous way to submit their inquiries. Encourage direct feedback as well. If an employee has an opinion rather than a question, let them know you also welcome it.

If it’s a serious issue, invite employees for a coffee chat to further explore their thoughts. You may discover interesting insights that can help you make better decisions. Thank employees and encourage even more responses with a small gift for each person who shares their ideas. Employee giveaways, like a phone stand, Dual USB Folding Wall Charger and a fun guy pen, are excellent choices.

Quickly communicate internally

With ideas like creating a communication culture, providing value and inviting questions, knowing how to communicate important news internally becomes easy. Good luck!

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a culture of communication.
  • Use a dedicated spot.
  • Explain effects on employees.
  • Invite questions.