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Keeping employees safe from harm is of obvious importance in the workplace. But, as you implement strategies, policies and regulations to help keep them healthy and productive, have you thought about how to protect against identity theft? Unfortunately, it’s on the rise. In fact, the Government of Canada’s Competition Bureau received almost 90,000 reports from victims of fraud in 2016, up from around 70,000 the year before. Identity theft can take its toll on your employees and your organization in numerous ways, including lost time at work, loss of productivity and stress-related illness.

If bottom-line busters like this have you wondering how to protect against identity theft or how to help your employees when it does occur, read on. These suggestions, including promotional items with built-in protection for radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, may be worth a try.

While there are no guarantees, these tips on how to protect against identity theft, along with a few RFID promotional items, will help reduce the likelihood of theft and fraud, benefitting both your employees and your agency.


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