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| Updated: May 10, 2022

Since the invention of the wheel, technology has been a constant game-changer in every industry. In the HR world alone, there are 83 human-capital management (HCM) software providers and 21 types of HR software. These tools have made everything from time-tracking to hiring to onboarding much easier than they were even a decade ago.


And yet, in many ways, it’s the “human” element of human resources that creates the biggest challenge in the workplace. Three of the top reasons that people leave their jobs are not enough career development (22 percent), a lack of support with work-life balance (12 percent) and poor wellbeing (9 percent).


We’ve got some suggestions designed to keep the needs of your staff in mind, essentially focusing on the human in human resources. Highlighting associates’ strengths and helping them take care of themselves, plus incorporating some HR giveaways, are excellent ways to keep your team happy and engaged at the office.


Emphasize individual strengths

Learning about employees’ strengths and positive characteristics makes workers 7.8 percent more productive. Encourage your employees to discover their strengths using an assessment like StrengthsFinder®. Upon completion of the assessment, present them with a framed certificate that lists each employee’s top assets.


Create career journeys

According to research performed by Mercer Global®, 78 percent of employees would stay with their company longer if they saw a career path through the organization. Helping your employees build their skills and look for advancement opportunities will help keep them engaged—and keep your company growing.


Work with your employees to create a career map during their yearly review or in designated meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis. A simple planner can help them lay out a timeline of classes, mentorships or other work they will need to advance their career. Or give them a fun HR giveaway, like a flashlight,  to remind them that they’ve got a bright future at your company.


Health and wellbeing

More than 60 percent of employers stated that workplace wellness programs reduced healthcare costs. And companies that demonstrate empathy have higher retention and morale. What does this tell us? That taking care of employee health—and showing kindness and compassion during stressful times—makes for a better organization.


Emphasize how much you value associates’ mental and physical health by encouraging them to use their sick days, take time off for themselves, and take advantage of your employee wellness programs. You can offer extra encouragement with wellness gifts, like pedometers, that may inspire them to move more during the day. Or consider a Traveler’s Exercise Kit so they can work out at home, on the road or in your company gym.


Helping employees succeed

Like all companies, your organization is made up of people with personal needs and abilities. By showing employees empathy and reinforcing your message with HR giveaways and wellness gifts, you’ll help them succeed while you build a better workplace.