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If you’re having a tough time finding candidates to fill your healthcare jobs, you’re not alone. Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. But with the right job description, marketing efforts and healthcare promotional items, you can find outstanding candidates regardless of the job market.


Crafting catchy job descriptions


With so many opportunities available, job seekers can be more selective about positions they pursue. That means your job postings must be extra enticing.


  • Choose the right title: Before you start writing your job description, do some research. Make sure the skills you’re seeking and the job title you’re using fit together. The terms you use will serve as keywords to help people find you.
  • Optimize descriptions for mobile: Over 60% of job searches occur on mobile devices, so your descriptions need to be mobile-friendly. Use frequent headers and short paragraphs to make postings easy to read.
  • Paint a picture of the job: Describe daily duties, company culture and what makes your organization unique.


Ask for staff input to make sure your ads are on-target. Give those who help a thank-you gift like a charging cable keychain and a note telling them you appreciate their help charging up the staff.


Before posting, have a proofreader check the listing for typos and grammatical errors. Thank them with a high-quality pen and pencil set.


Get the word out


Now that you have the right job description, it’s time to distribute it with a promotional push.


  • Get employees involved: A recent 4imprint survey found that employee referral programs were, by far, the most effective recruitment method. When employees send a new staff member your way, give them a set of mini PopSockets® as a thank-you.
  • Search social media: Social media is a popular recruitment option, with 73% of millennials finding their last position on social outlets. Showcasing positions on social media platforms like LinkedIn® or Facebook® make it easy for followers to share your posts. Thank those who share your listings with emoji chocolate buttons.
  • Reach out to local schools: Universities can help by sharing your job needs with their students who are majoring in healthcare.
  • Take part in local events: Local job fairs and events provide opportunities to connect with job hunters. Hand out a healthcare promotional item like a color changing water bottle imprinted with your website or a link to a special careers page.


Select superb staff


Creating the perfect job posting and getting it in front of the people can be a challenge. But with the help of your current employees and some healthcare promotional items, you can find your next staff member.



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