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| Updated: March 26, 2021

The CDC reports that 22 million school days are missed because of the common cold, and 17 million workdays are lost due to the flu. You can help keep your patients and staff healthy this cold and flu season with the assistance of health promotional items—and a few important health reminders.

It all starts with clean hands—and a clean environment

Keeping your healthcare facility as free as possible from colds and flu is of utmost importance. According to the CDC, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the flu is by keeping hands clean and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in the home, office and school. The Instant Hand Sanitizer Pocket Pack and the Pocket Spray Sanitizer are both the perfect size for a pocket, bag or purse, ensuring clean hands on the go. Combine germ-eliminating power and moisturizer in one with Sanitizing Lotion available in coconut, citrus breeze or unscented. And for keyboards, countertops and anywhere else germs might collect, choose Doctor and Nurse Antibacterial Wet Wipes.

Offer less stress for more rest

Stress suppresses the immune system, making patients more susceptible to colds and the flu. Lavender has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety, making the Zen Essential Oil Roller Bottle – Lavender an excellent wellness promotional item to help patients relax and destress. Keep the mellow vibes going strong while on the go with the Relax Lotion Pocket Pack. The Plush Hot/Cold Eye Mask can help them relax. It also provides relief from headaches, eye pain and fever associated with colds and flu. Coloring is another big stress reliever, which makes the Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book & Pencils – Oceans a great item for patients or employees.

Encourage everyone to get a flu shot

The CDC predicts flu shots to be anywhere from 40 to 60 percent effective. What’s more, even if someone gets the flu, it will probably be less severe if they’ve had the shot. Offer patients health promotional items as a reminder to get the flu vaccine, like this Syringe Pen or the Syringe Highlighter. The Cold & Flu Pocket Slider is a great tool to remind patients of the importance of a flu shot—and when they’re feeling ill, it can help them determine whether they have a cold or the flu.

Help them get better, quicker

No matter what precautions are taken, some of your patients (and your staff) are going to get sick. Offering health promotional items that help them feel better will be appreciated. The Cold-N-Flu Kit has a thermometer, hand sanitizer, tissues and more to help patients feel better, sooner. The Head & Sinus Thermal Wrap can be used as a cold compress or a heating pad—whichever provides more comfort. The Goofy Tissue Pack offers a smile with every sniffle. The Tylenol® Pocket Pack can help patients reduce fever and body aches, plus it reminds them to call you if their symptoms get more serious.

Recommend lots of liquids

According to Mayo Clinic®, staying hydrated is critical to recovering from a cold.

A budget water bottle like the Sport Bottle with Push Pull Lid is an excellent way to remind patients and staff to stay hydrated. Warm liquids help with congestion, making the T-Bag Silicone Reusable Tea Bag and Value White Coffee Mug excellent wellness promotional items to help them recover from colds and flu. And they’ll cozy up comfortably with a freshly brewed cup of tea made in the Presto Coffee Press Tumbler.

Helping your patients—inside and outside the office

By offering your patients and staff health promotional items, you can help them keep germs at bay, making for a healthier and happier workplace.

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