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| Updated: January 19, 2021

Make sure your giveaways include the name of your organization, tie into the parade theme, and provide value to those who receive them. These parade swag ideas fit the bill.


If your group is one of the first to march, hand out a swag bag. Parade-goers will be thankful to have a place to keep their goodies. Plus, they’ll remember your organization every time they dip into their parade swag. These colourful grab bags are available in 14 different shades to complement your brand.


Individually wrapped candies make the best parade giveaways. They’re inexpensive, portable and easily tossed to the crowd. Safety Pops are sure to be a crowd favourite. Imprint your name right on the wrapper for a tasty, memorable treat.


If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, pass out pens. Promotional pens are extremely budget-friendly, and most recipients keep them for an average of six months. The brightly coloured Mardi Gras Pen will stand out as a perfect giveaway. If budget permits, choose a premium style like this MopTopper.


If your parade is largely attended by children, make parents and kids happy by passing out small logo’d toys. Boys and girls of all ages will line up to receive a light-up yo-yo, inflatable ball or bubble necklace with your name on it.

Seasonal giveaways

Are you celebrating a holiday or season? Choose parade swag that’s relevant to the occasion. For instance, give out a pair of logo’d sunglasses (#C114786) to celebrate the beginning of summer. Or a red and white folding tote to commemorate holidays like Canada Day.

Spectator essentials

Come to the rescue on a blistering hot day by passing out items that protect and cool. Help keep the sun out of their eyes with a foam sun visor. Reduce the risk of sunburn by passing out mini bottles of sunscreen. And be everyone’s favourite when you hand out chilled bottles of water imprinted with your logo.


Choose the best parade giveaways to ensure your organization is fondly remembered long after the event. Happy marching!