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| Updated: January 13, 2021

If you’re looking for a way to power up your trade show presence and potential ROI, sign on to host a seminar. With preparation, practice and some popular trade show swag, delivering a seminar may have a bigger payoff than other marketing activities.

Preparation is essential

Most trade shows have a separate process for becoming a presenter. Submit a well-written proposal that demonstrates your expertise. Be strategic in your topic selection, making sure it supports your goal and ties together every aspect of your marketing.  Here’s how:

Promote your seminar with a press release or social media campaign. Send a mailing to your hottest prospects. Let attendees know you’ll see them at the show and invite them to your seminar. Make sure they remember you by including a Grip-It Luggage Identifier or other small gift with your invite.

Prepare a looping slideshow that you can use as a sneak-peek for attendees once they get to the show. Also, bring a retractor banner display as a visual reminder. At your booth, provide handouts with information about the seminar and product sell sheets. Those who want to learn more after the seminar may head to your booth, so you’ll want to have information on hand.

Plan your seminar with trade show swag in mind. Give every attendee a Thumbs Up Key Light as a fun way to seek their input while you speak. Attendees will also appreciate getting your presentation slides on a Swing USB Drive so they can review them later.

Practice makes perfect

To be a good public speaker or seminar host, you need to have strong communication skills. A little practice will go a long way. How you present yourself and the confidence you show greatly influences an audience, so reducing your fear about public speaking is essential.

Start small. Practice with people you know, including your employees or trusted customers, or consider joining a group like Toastmasters. Design your presentation around slides or a product demonstration. Find out the room arrangement and if there will be a projector, wireless microphone or podium. If there’s no stage, consider purchasing a small raised platform to increase your visibility and room presence. Use an Atlas Stylus Metal Pen with Laser Pointer during your presentation. It will direct the audience’s attention to key points on the screen—these also make great seminar giveaways! Here are some more presentation tips:

  • Structure is important. Share three points you plan to address and then provide details about those points.
  • Repeat the most important points.
  • Use silence as a transition to create anticipation.
  • Reward attendees who ask or answer questions by tossing them a Fold Up Flyer.
  • Accept that it won’t go the way you expect.
  • Remember those sales goals! Close with a call to action.

To get seminar attendees to your booth, offer the chance to win trade show swag like a Traveler Tech Set or a signature travel laptop tote. Follow these tips to turn that trade show into a winning return on your investment.