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| Updated: March 26, 2021

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, valued, liked and connected with others. This is especially true for customers. In fact, companies that don’t show their appreciation risk losing customers to those that do. Approximately two in three businesses have had a customer walk away because that customer believed they weren’t valued.

One effective way to show appreciation is by giving a branded thank-you gift. Gifts can be given to new customers, for referral business, to reward customer loyalty or, better yet, for no reason at all. This article offers several corporate thank-you gift ideas that work for any occasion.

Personalized gift baskets

More than half of customers feel that a lot of thought goes into selecting a custom gift. A personalized corporate gift basket is the perfect way to show clients how well you know and appreciate them. For the golf enthusiast, toss a free round of golf into a logo’d golf kit, complete with a towel, ball marker and tees. For the coffee connoisseur, a basket containing logo’d mugs, chocolate covered espresso beans and a bag of coffee from the local cafe is a great choice.

Experience gifts

According to experts, experiences are the new ‘it’ corporate gift. What’s more, research published by ScienceDaily says giving an experience gift can foster stronger relationships than giving material items alone. Think tickets to a sporting event, cooking classes or some sort of guided tour. Tuck experience gifts inside something tangible to complement the event, such as a stadium blanket, cookbook stand or custom journal.


Nothing says appreciation like a day of pampering. Give clients the gift of relaxation by sending them to a day spa. Or, bring the pampering to them. Coordinate with a mobile massage service to provide hand or chair massages for an afternoon. Preserve the relaxed mood with a branded thank you gift that keeps on giving—a logo’d oil diffuser and a collection of Zen essential oils is an easy choice.


Giving thanks to clients isn’t just a feel-good thing to do; it’s good business practice. These corporate thank-you gift ideas can help foster stronger client relationships and improve customer retention. Remember to share the love often. Doing so will surely come full circle.