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| Updated: September 08, 2021

Employee morale can make or break an organization’s success.  It’s impossible for teams to be as good as they can be when poor morale stifles motivation. Check out these fun office activities to boost employee morale—and some employee appreciation gifts—to help spark positive change in your organization.

Encourage real lunch breaks

Research shows that only one in five people steps away for a midday meal. Studies also have found that the longer you stay at work, the more important it is to get outside of the office, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Creativity can take a hit when you don’t change environment. Encourage employees to take a break away from their desk by setting up lunch spaces inside and outside your building. Reusable lunch bags are great gifts for employees and make it easier for them to step away at lunch and recharge.

Organize social events to build workplace friendships

Seventy-eight percent of people who work 30 to 50 hours a week spend more time with co-workers than with their families. Support fun office activities to boost morale, such as bowling leagues, a company softball team, happy hours, workshops or company retreats. These activities encourage employees to interact on a personal level. Use branded shirts to outfit your team at social events while also boosting your brand.

Celebrate employee anniversaries

According to a survey by Globoforce®, 89 percent (PDF) of employees surveyed said they took more pride in their work after experiencing an anniversary event that left a positive impression. Recognizing employees for their hard work and dedication motivates them to keep working hard and remain loyal to the company. Wood block clocks paired with thank-you cards make great employee appreciation gifts that team members can show off with pride.

Get fit together

Get active as a team. Studies show that exercise increases productivity and makes people happier. If employees are getting healthy and fit, and if they’re doing it together, it’ll boost employee morale, too. Water bottles and sunscreen make great gifts for employees that also encourage walking breaks or team fitness goals.

Have fun!

By implementing these fun office activities to boost morale, you can help create a fun, team-driven culture within your organization. And remember: A happy, engaged team is a productive team.