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| Updated: February 16, 2022 3 min read

If your brand is the face of your healthcare organization, hosting an event is a sure-fire way to get noticed. Events can be in-person, online or a combination. Creativity and flexibility are key. We have four event hosting tips that are sure to get you off on the right foot.

Host the right kind of event

Maximizing your audience starts with knowing them. Tap into the demographics of your local community or patient roster to select offerings that are sure to get a good turnout. Consider:

  • Classes: In-person or online maternity, child safety, first aid or CPR classes are ideal for young families.
  • Hospital tours: Invite the community to check out your new building, equipment or services with a virtual tour.
  • Seminars: Educate patients on treatments or ways to deal with everything from joint pain to elective surgery aftercare.
  • Screenings: Provide screenings for skin cancer, depression or high cholesterol.
  • Health and wellness fairs: Share information about the importance of simple tips, like proper diet and home safety.

Useful giveaway items like sun kits, first-aid kits or hot and cold packs can serve as useful reminders, plus they help boost brand awareness.

Make the event interactive

Great information is always appreciated, but an interactive experience will draw people in and keep them engaged. If there is a hybrid component to your event, be sure to capture the attention of both in-person and virtual attendees by using animation or short videos. Make everyone feel welcome by including a chat features so attendees can ask questions, whether they are online or physically attending the event. Make sure your presentation software lets you create breakout sessions for virtual or hybrid gatherings. And don’t forget, polls throughout the presentation keep people engaged.

Select relevant marketing channels

Much like choosing a topic, knowing your audience is the best way to select the proper marketing channels. Here’s a quick look at the most popular options:

  • Email: The preferred communication method of both baby boomers and Generation X.
  • Social media: Millennials and Gen Z prefer to get their information on social.

Consider their personal preferences too. For example, if you have the go-ahead to text patients, use that communication method to share relevant class offerings or seminars. Or use direct mail to introduce yourself to a new neighborhood with a postcard.

Repurpose event information

Your event information doesn’t become irrelevant the moment your event is over. Use the information to create blogs, white papers, videos and e-books, which can be shared with new and potential patients, as well as the press.

Pair with useful giveaway items to provide additional information. For example, convert your recorded presentation on joint pain to a free video presentation and send anyone who accesses it a tote bag with additional information tucked inside.

A brand apart

In person, online and hybrid events are a powerful way to make an impression. With the help of these event hosting tips, you can provide patients with knowledge and a reminder of your organization.