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| Updated: May 10, 2022 4 min read

As more jobs become remote and companies look to cast a wider net to attract new employees, virtual recruiting is now a significant tool in many HR toolboxes. Here are some effective ways to take your recruitment process virtual.


Create video job ads

Using video as a recruitment tool has many advantages over a standard job posting. Videos are highly shareable—and frequently viewed—on social media, expanding your reach. They’re also an easy way to get your company’s story out there. And remember, Google gives preference to video content, which means a video job ad can increase SEO rankings up to 53 times.


Capture social attention

With more than 90% of millennials and 77.5% of Generation X active on social media, using sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will make it easier to catch the attention of potential recruits. To get people interested in your organization, you can:

  • Highlight your brand: Use social media to show culture and what your company does.
  • Try hashtags: Learn which hashtags people in your industry use and apply them to your recruitment posts to increase the chance of being discovered.
  • Participate on LinkedIn: Taking part in industry groups will put you in contact with influencers and candidates.
  • Ask for employee assistance: Encourage your staff members to share job posts on their individual social channels.


Attend virtual career fairs

Much like an in-person career fair, virtual recruiting fairs provide a way for organizations and job seekers to connect. But while physical career fairs might last a day or two, virtual fairs can last weeks or months. The fairs can include everything from a link to your website to a complete virtual booth with job listings, videos and the ability to interact in real time.

Invite people to “stop by” and say hello with easy-to-mail recruitment giveaways like a seed packet and a note that lets people know your company is growing.

Keep in touch with top candidates by sending them a thank-you gift for stopping by, whether it’s a useful item like a pen or something that is linked to your company, like a construction company handing out multi-tools.


Make the most of virtual interviews

If you plan to use an online platform for interviewing candidates, it’s important to be prepared. Make sure interviewers have access to the candidate’s resume. Make sure interviewers have a quiet place to conduct the interview so they can be fully engaged. And be sure to test everyone’s microphone, camera and software ahead of time.

Also reach out to the candidates. Make sure they know what will be expected from them at the interview. Tell them how many people will be involved, whether they will have to give a presentation and whether there will be a designated time to ask questions.

To get them excited for the interview, send candidates a webcam cover and ear buds as a fun recruitment giveaway.


Fill virtually every position on your team

Finding new employees is always a challenge. Virtual recruiting makes it possible to get great talent no matter where your candidates live. Good luck!