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| Updated: March 26, 2021

The word “care” is an integral part of healthcare. A recent study showed that both patients and physicians rated the “doctor/patient relationship” as the most important indicator of quality care. That goes for every healthcare professional, including nurses, pharmacists and even the person who answers the phones. A strong relationship with a healthcare provider will make a patient more inclined to share important information, maintain treatment regimens and get critical health screenings.

Read on for tips and healthcare giveaways that can help you build a better relationship with your patients.


Get personal for a minute

Connecting with your patients on a personal level can put them at ease. And it only takes a minute. In fact, one Chief Nursing Officer discovered it took an average of 56 seconds to establish rapport by asking patients about their family life or outside interests.


Remind them of checkups and preventative services

 According to the CDC, people in the U.S. are participating in preventative services at about half the recommended rate. Explaining to patients the importance of preventative care and screenings can keep small medical issues from turning into large ones. Use health and wellness promotional items to remind them to make, and keep, these critical appointments. Send them a Calendar Bookmark and a letter to remind them of scheduled screenings and appointments.


Follow-up and check-in

After a procedure or visit because of illness, call the patient and make sure they’re on the mend. Ask if they’re experiencing any side effects from the medication or if they have other concerns since the visit. This shows patients you care and encourages them to tell you important information they might not have otherwise thought to share.


Provide educational help

Make information easily accessible for patients with questions about their long-term health. Health and wellness promotional items can help. For someone looking to live a healthier lifestyle or lose weight, a pedometer can motivate them to get moving. A Portion Bowl can assist patients learning to monitor their daily intake. You can also select healthcare giveaways that help them understand and handle any challenging diagnoses. For someone who is pre-diabetic, for instance, a grocery list that includes a link to recipes for diabetics can encourage them to make healthy meal plans.


A better relationship creates better care

Using these tips and healthcare giveaways to create a strong relationship with your patients can benefit both you and them. The trust you build and the information you share will allow for a lifetime of better care.