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| Updated: March 25, 2021

These days, it seems like email is constant. After all, the average person receives 121 work emails a day (and that doesn’t include personal email!) If everyone spent three minutes reading and responding to each of those emails, they would spend more than six hours on email alone.


With all that information, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. Important content can be missed and people get frustrated when they don’t receive a response. Break through the noise and grab attention with these communication tips and some school promotional products.


Know what’s working

The first step is to understand how your contacts like to receive communications. Start by surveying staff and parents to see if they prefer email, texts or phone calls. To encourage responses, offer an incentive for completing the survey like a logoed beanie. After you learn what your contacts prefer, you can tailor your communication strategy.


An effective communication strategy should boost morale, align with your school’s mission and vision and increase engagement among staff and parents. Consider these options to increase the impact of your messages.


Say it with an app

Today, mobile phones are more popular than desktop computers. In addition, mobile users prefer apps to mobile websites. Research communication apps to find one that fits your needs. Once you choose and launch one, give parents and staff who sign up a phone stand or notebook.


Take advantage of video

If your messages aren’t regularly read, try a different medium! Consider weekly video updates or live-broadcasted PTA meetings. Video allows staff and parents to watch the messages on their own time from the comfort of their homes or offices. To see if staff and parents are watching your video messages or meetings, track the number of views and ask for feedback.


Encourage collaboration

Keep regular communications interesting by switching up the writer. If the principal, PTA president or other leader always sends emails or makes calls, ask teachers and other parents to give it a try. Rotate who sends the messages to keep everyone engaged. Thank participants a quality school swag item, like a backpack or camping chair.


Carefully consider the content

Make the message more entertaining to make it memorable. In addition to important dates, notes and other “house-keeping” material, include stories about staff, students and parents that would interest a range of readers. From recognizing top teachers to sharing student projects, this personal content will make any communication more engaging.


Ensure they hear your message

With the right technique for your audience and school promotional products, your communication to staff and parents is sure to be seen. Whichever strategy you choose, continue to ask for recipient feedback. After all, there’s always room for improvement.