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| Updated: August 14, 2023 3 min read

Research suggests there is a link between positive thinking and better mental and physical health. Optimists seem to be better protected from mood disorders like depression and anxiety, as well as physical ailments such as heart disease. And while healthcare can be a high-stress field, there are lots of ways to promote a positive mindset at work.


Encourage a calming morning routine

Taking time to establish a calming tone for the day can make a big difference in someone’s mindset. Encourage staff to begin their day with a peaceful and positive routine. If your staff starts the day with a team meeting, incorporate a positive note or inspiring quote. Offer a quiet spot for staff members to meditate or stretch before they begin their shift. Play calming music, light a scented candle or dim harsh lighting to help create a more relaxed atmosphere to start the day off right.


Focus on teamwork

When the schedule gets busy and patients need care, it can be challenging to stay positive. Encourage your staff to use teamwork to help share the load and prevent feelings of being overwhelmed. This may require cross-training some team members.


If you see a staff member demonstrating great teamwork skills, give them a shoutout during a staff meeting or give them an employee appreciation giveaway, like a hot/cold eye mask or a doodle notebook.


Practice gratitude

Gratitue helps build trust and respect among peers, which can be a significant mood-booster. During team meetings, state one thing or person you are grateful for and encourage others to do the same. It’s also helpful to create regular opportunities for your team to show appreciation for each other. Create a gratitude board where staff can write and post notes of thanks and encouragement, or imprint a set of tokens with your practice’s logo and encourage your team members to present them to one another as a thank you. They can later be turned in for items such as a free cup of coffee or fun pen.


Build in breaks

Taking a few moments during a hectic day to rest and recenter can relieve stress and relax the nervous system. Encourage staff to take frequent breaks when they feel themselves getting anxious, frustrated or stressed. Provide a quiet space with comfortable seating where employees can breathe, stretch and calm down before tackling the next task.


Notice that your team members are feeling more stressed? Help them refocus their energy into more positive actions with an imprinted journal or Yoga Support Block.


Promote relationship building

Giving your team members opportunities to build relationships is an effective way to boost positivity in your practice. Using a mentor or buddy system for new employees can help them feel more connected to their colleagues. Designating time on the calendar for a regular team lunch or other teambuilding activities can help establish a positive workplace culture and encourage close-knit camaraderie among staff.


Encourage a positive mindset at work for less stress and better health

By building relationships, showing gratitude and using teamwork, your staff can have a more positive mindset at work, which can lead to less stress and better mental and physical health.