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| Updated: May 10, 2022 3 min read

Inbound marketing is widely heralded as an effective strategy for bringing in leads. Many companies focus on it, with 76% of marketers using an inbound marketing approach as their primary strategy (PDF). But sometimes your well of creative inbound marketing ideas can start to run dry. If you’re looking for fresh inspiration, you’re in the right place. Read on for ideas.


1. Create a quiz

Quizzes are one of the best ways to get prospects to engage with your brand. People love quizzes—even quizzes that seem irrelevant, like “What kind of ice cream are you?” In fact, 96% of participants finish Buzzfeed®-sponsored quizzes.

Even though people will often take quizzes that seem pointless, you may retain more prospects if your quiz asks them questions about their problems and what they’re looking for. People who take your quiz may feel like you understand them when you ask questions they can relate to.


2. Write transparent blog posts

Being transparent about your business can show prospects the real people behind the scenes. Potential customers want to know they’re engaging with a person, not a faceless company. Consider writing a blog post that discusses your organization’s triumphs as well as its struggles. Be sure to include a note at the end asking people to comment. That will help you drive engagement.


3. Interview industry thought leaders

One creative inbound marketing idea that offers incredible value is publishing an interview series. Be sure to ask industry thought leaders deep questions so your prospects can gain valuable insight throughout the entire interview. Once the series is over, consider bundling the interviews into a package and using them as a lead magnet.

Along with the digital interview series, consider asking viewers for their address so you can send them a token of thanks. A marketing gift, like a phone stand, flashlight or metal pen, can make a strong impression.


4. Host a live series with Q&A

Somewhat similar to interviewing thought leaders, you could host a live video series where your team offers tips and advice. Set aside time at the end of each video for your audience to ask questions. Live interaction is one of the best creative inbound marketing ideas—especially because 47% of buyers view at least three to five pieces of content before deciding to speak with a sales rep.


5. Hold a contest

An interesting competition can pull in many people who normally wouldn’t engage with your brand. Ask people to create promotional content for you around your products or services. Winner gets a free sample or discount coupon. Or try a “Caption This” contest—post a quirky pic, and whoever creates the best caption gets a marketing gift, like a handy 3-ring binder or glass water bottle.


Get creative with your inbound marketing

By thinking beyond the normal “publish three blog posts a week” type of strategy, you can come up with very creative inbound marketing ideas. You’ll pull in extra leads and attract ideal customers while also offering them something a little different.


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