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Looking for a way to build your business and do good in your community? You can meet both goals with a solid cause marketing strategy.

If you’re not familiar with the term, “cause marketing” is a collaboration between a business and a nonprofit organization that’s designed to achieve a common goal. Cause marketing can also include a business finding ways to improve their local or global community.

No matter how a business supports the community, cause marketing can be a highly effective marketing tool.

84% of consumers state that they’re more likely to be loyal to a brand that aligns with their values.

Cause marketing offers other mutual benefits, including:

  • Both the nonprofit and the business get to build their audience.
  • It can bring attention and resources to an important cause.
  • It can help retain staff, as 59% of people leaving their jobs are doing so because they’re seeking a position that better aligns with their values.
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Excited to get started? Here are a few tips.

Pick the right cause

To select that perfect cause, you’ll want to consider two audiences: Your company and your customers. Knowing where everyone’s passions and values lie can help you determine what nonprofit cause you want to connect with. Partnership examples might include a restaurant or grocery store teaming up with a local homeless shelter, a bookstore joining forces with a school or a travel agency that pairs with a nonprofit that helps people get medical appointments in other states.


Determine how you want to contribute

Once you’ve selected that just-right organization, it’s time to find that just-right way to support it. While a simple monthly or annual donation is sure to be appreciated, you can raise more funds and capture more marketing attention when you:

  • Sell products: Sell a cause marketing promotional item and give a portion of the proceeds to the organization. The classic colored ribbon, for example, is available as a lapel sticker, tote bag and keychain.
  • Purchase plus: Request a donation from customers by rounding up the cost of their purchases for the day.
  • Buy one, give one (BOGO): For every product purchased, another is donated to a worthy cause.
  • Volunteer: Offer employees paid time off to volunteer or help with nonprofit events.

Get the word out

Seventy-nine percent of Americans say they have a stronger connection with businesses that share their values.

So, be sure to let them know exactly what your values are and how you’re helping to make the community better.

Once you and your nonprofit partner have built your cause marketing strategy, take the time to make customers, the media and nonprofit supporters aware by tagging each other in social media posts, sending joint press releases to the media, adding each other’s logos to marketing materials and announcing your partnership in newsletters.

Another great way to get the word out is to co-brand a promotional item designed to be shared at community events, fundraisers or as a gift to supporters. Examples could include a combination lunch bag/mat that can be mailed to yearly donors or a water bottle that can be given away to participants at a fundraising walk.

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Caring for communities and your company

A great cause marketing strategy offers a chance to use your marketing budget in ways that make the community better. And with every donation of time, money or talent, you’ll soon find it makes your business better as well.

Key takeaways:

  • Partnering with a nonprofit can create customer loyalty.
  • Choose a nonprofit or cause whose values align with your business and your customers.
  • Pick a contribution method.
  • Let the world know about this important cause and what you are doing to help.