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| Updated: May 10, 2022

Networking with peers, gaining more brand exposure and drawing in new leads may be a few reasons you travel to trade shows. But beyond setting up a booth, are there out-of-the-box ways you can broadcast your products? Absolutely. One unique way is a mobile exhibit, where you convert a vehicle into a moving, interactive display.

Because 74% of trade show attendees say engagement increases their likelihood of purchasing the products being promoted, take visitor engagement to a new level with a mobile exhibit. Leave behind the large room filled with hundreds of attendees and competing booths and say hello to a more low-key, one-on-one experience.

Whether your mobile exhibit is in a van or tractor-trailer, you can reach more people more often. We offer ideas on getting the most out of your mobile exhibit.


Provide a sensory experience

Touch, smell, see and hear: Engaging with your audience’s senses imprints your brand in their memory and can boost sales. In one study, sales increased 10% when participants experienced sensory marketing. When ramping up your mobile exhibit’s sensory experience, see how you can make that experience match your brand.

For example, is your brand bold and futuristic? Consider designing your exhibit with sleek textures, bright LED screens and dimensional lettering. If your brand is warm and inviting, set up Comfy Lawn Chairs around a table stocked with refreshments and drink tumbler giveaways. Conduct a drawing at the end of your mobile exhibit experience to give away the lawn chairs.

You can also design your sensory experience around your industry. For example, do you sell home goods or household supplies? Rather than simply displaying your products on tables, consider providing upholstered chairs for visitors, and have artwork hanging on the walls. Or perhaps you could let visitors “get their hands dirty” by testing new cooking supplies with fresh fruits and vegetables.


Create interactive experiences

Around 61% of people say they prefer businesses that offer augmented reality (AR) experiences. AR and virtual reality (VR) can create an unforgettable interactive experience as people get immersed in your brand. Visitors can virtually “use” new products and test various features. AR and VR experiences can help visitors engage in meaningful conversations and ask product questions. AR and VR also help you stand out from competitors.

If AR or VR isn’t feasible for your business, touch screens also offer a more interactive experience than just demo videos. Visitors can explore more products than those physically available in your exhibit. Provide a logoed stylus pen to keep the touch screen experience safe. To stick in visitors’ minds even longer, offer a takeaway item, like light-up wireless headphones.


Bring the outdoors in

Use plants and greenery to liven up your mobile exhibit. Nature—and the feeling of being around nature—can help people feel happier and improve concentration. Plants and greenery work well to snag attention for any industry. A plant wall can bring a refreshing vibe to an innovative tech brand. Potted flowers can offer extra aesthetic appeal to a remodeling or art supply business. And a branded Air Plant makes great trade show swag for people to take home.


Make a visual impact

One-third of exhibitors say better graphics help achieve better results, so carefully consider your interior and exterior signage. A mobile exhibit gives you twice the opportunity to expose your brand to visitors and passersby.

A large Magnetic Car Sign gets your logo, name and colors in front of people walking or driving by. A square Window Sign can catch people’s attention and draw them in to speak to a salesperson. Once people stop at your mobile exhibit (or walk inside), a portable counter with eye-catching graphics works well to grab attention.


Take engagement to a new level

With ideas like providing sensory and interactive experiences and taking advantage of interior and exterior branding, your mobile exhibit will help pull in leads and boost sales in a whole new way.