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| Updated: March 25, 2021 3 min read

Customers come to your business at every possible point in the sales funnel, from “just browsing” to “ready to buy.” Taking their needs and level of interest into account will help you build a personalized journey for every customer. With the appropriate information, incentives and a few business gift ideas, you can keep them sailing smoothly through your sales funnel.


Capture customer attention

People in the awareness and attraction stage are looking for basic information. Be sure they can find it easily. Here’s how:

Optimize your website

Use keywords that will bring searchers to your site. Once they’re there, make sure your webpages offer up-to-the-minute information about your products and services.

Monitor your social media presence

Facebook® and Twitter® not only give customers a place to find you, they help you engage with them and answer questions. Explain complex products or services by putting videos on YouTube® and sharing those videos on social.

Place paid ads

Social media or search engine ads can target potential customers by using demographics and geographical area.

Hand out branded giveaways

Handing out giveaways at events can let potential customers know what you do and where to find more information. For example, if your company builds boats, give a promotional business gift, like a waterproof phone pouch (#C128095) or a floating keychain (#C104872), imprinted with your website’s url.


Offer more information

People in the research stage are looking for in-depth information. Give them opportunities to learn when you:

Segment your email follow-up

Use the data you’ve collected about customers to tell them what they want to know. Send out emails tailored to customers based on everything from product interest to engagement level.

Offer webinars

Give customers an opportunity to learn and ask questions directly through a webinar or seminar.

Update your FAQ page

For customers who want to investigate after hours, an updated frequently asked questions page gives them the info they want, when they want it.


Another business gift idea is to give away a lens cleaning cloth as a way to share new information. Imprint it with a clever message, like “Get a closer look at our new products.”


Help them make a decision

When customers are close to a decision, sometimes all it takes is a little something extra to convince them to make a purchase. A free consultation, exclusive promotion or free trial period can help them with their decision.


Thank them for their purchase

Once a customer has made it all the way through the sales funnel, it’s time to help them navigate it again. Bring them back for more with a personalized thank-you note, a special customer discount or a promotional business gift, like a journal or chocolates that say thank you.


A smooth ride through the funnel

Helping customers through your sales funnel is a matter of offering the right information at just the right time. A personalized journey, along with these business gifts ideas, will ensure they have everything they need along the way.