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| Updated: March 25, 2021

When citizens feel unsafe in their cities, it has a direct impact on their quality of life. In fact, 65 percent of people are more likely to stay home after dark when they feel unsafe. On the other hand, when people believe they are safe, they attend more local events, spend more time outside and become more involved in their community, creating a positive economic and social impact on a city.

Start spreading the word

The first step to creating a feeling of public safety is to raise awareness of public safety programs. When citizens know their government is actively taking steps to keep their community safe, they feel more secure and better protected. Get people talking about public safety programs with these tips and promotional items for public safety.

Be seen

Attending street festivals, farmers markets and other public events is a great way to remind people of safety programs. It also provides an opportunity to get to know some citizens personally. Set up a booth at these local events where public safety officers can speak to attendees, discuss safety programs and share positive results. You could even plan your own public event that spotlights public safety departments and initiatives.

At events, hand out a safety promotional item to remind recipients of your programs. Safety promotional products, such as whistle/light combination keychains or first-aid kits, can be used to leave an impression, provide contact information or even encourage people to talk about programs with others.

Recruit local ambassadors

From small business owners to government officials, enlist the help of local influencers to help spread important information about programs, new campaigns, events and more. Reach out to those in the community who you feel would have a big impact and ask them to help raise awareness. Make sure you’re prepared to explain why your mission or campaign is important to ambassadors and their contacts. Offer participants practical safety promotional products, such as auto-safety kits or LED bike lights.

Post shareable content to social media

Use your social media pages to raise awareness and educate followers on safety programs. Create images or write articles with important safety information that followers will be inspired to share. To design content that people are likely to share, make sure the posts are short, informational, professional-looking and relatable. If your programs don’t have social pages, now’s the time to set them up! After launching the pages, attract followers by giving away safety promotional items, like emergency hammers  imprinted with your social media URLs.

Make a safe and happy community

A community that feels safe is a happier one. Inform people about your public safety programs with these tips and promotional items for public safety. They could have a big impact on your city!