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| Updated: January 07, 2021

The benefits of holiday gifts for employees last long after the season has passed. Employees who feel appreciated work harder and are more engaged in their company’s success. In fact, 81 percent of employees say when their boss shows appreciation for their work they’re motivated to work even harder.

The same survey indicates fancy perks and a big budget are unnecessary facets when it comes to showing staff appreciation. Employees just want to feel valued. Keep reading for several employee appreciation ideas that truly show you care.

Employee appreciation ideas

The unexpected

Forty-six percent of employees want unexpected treats and rewards from their employers. Consider holiday surprises like gifting a fresh-baked pie the day before Thanksgiving. Or orchestrating an unexpected, loaded omelet bar during your last all staff of the year.

The gift of time

Can your company afford to gift an extra vacation day? Give staff the day off (either before or after the holiday). If you can’t spare the time then, give an extra vacation day in the new year. You can go above and beyond to show staff appreciation by throwing in a dinner certificate or hotel voucher.


Will your organization hold a holiday party for staff? If so, use it as an opportunity for recognition. Spend a little time identifying something special about each employee—perhaps they’re top sellers, go-getters, super friendly, idea generators—you get the picture. Write a little something explaining how each employee’s trait positively impacts the company. Attach to a premium water bottle, jar of candy or combo Post-it® nut holder (#6065) and present at your party.

Personal growth

Paid tuition for an industry-related course or tickets to a relevant conference make great gifts for employees. Not only does this type of gift aid in personal growth, it shows you really appreciate what they bring to the table. Present this gift along with an organization portfolio and pen for note taking.

Off-site events

It’s great to demonstrate appreciation at work, but organizing a paid, off-site event is a nice way to show the love outside of your normal work environment (plus it’s great for team building, too). Think a sporting event, cooking class, yoga session or concert. Treat staff to dinner or lunch beforehand as an added thank you.

There are countless ways to thank employees for all their hard work. Consider one of these holiday gifts for employees to show you appreciate and value them this holiday season and always.