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| Updated: July 22, 2022 3 min read

Editor’s Note: This article is updated annually and has been modified to include new ways to welcome back teachers, students and staff.

As the new school year approaches, ease the transition with simple acts of appreciation. For many Canadians, the challenges the pandemic presented made them appreciate teachers and their specialized skills more than ever before. And the simple act of recognizing students can build their confidence and drum up excitement about learning. We offer meaningful ways and promotional products for schools to welcome back teachers, students and staff to the new academic year.


#1. Quality backpacks to carry supplies

Help teachers, staff and students carry their new supplies with a quality backpack. This should be at the top of any back-to-school essentials list. Without a good backpack, it’s impossible to be prepared for the day’s tasks.

A Clear Backpack allows students to locate materials quickly and easily. Hand them out to primary students during orientation so they’re prepped and ready to go on the first day of school. A Heathered 15″ Laptop Backpack can effectively store everything that needs to be carried— from notebooks to electronics. Raffle some off to a few lucky students on the first day of school. Send teachers back to school in style with a large backpack and lots of pockets to keep all of their essentials organized. Tuck in a note thanking them for their dedication and reminding them that the upcoming year will be the best one yet.


#2. Top pens for teachers

Teachers are constantly writing: Planning lessons, grading papers, filling out report cards and more. Make sure they can perform these duties with ease using a high-quality pen. The Incline Soft Touch Stylus Metal Pen – Laser Engraved or Wolverine Stylus Pen – Metallic are sure to do the job “write.” The comfortable design and smooth-writing ink make grading papers a breeze. Clip one of these pens for teachers to a welcome back letter to put in each staff member’s mailbox on the first day of school.

Students can benefit from quality writing utensils too. The MopTopper Superhero Pens or Inkbend Standard Special Shapes pens are sure to make learning fun. Welcome back students by placing one of these on every desk or table.


#3. Assignment notebooks for students

Assignment notebooks help students keep track of homework and upcoming tests. Give every student a Spiral Bound Notebook to ensure they’re always prepared for class.

Notebooks make a great school promotional product to encourage engagement. Break the ice with a fun getting-to-know-you game and reward participants with a Pen-Buddy Notebook or Divided Notebook to help students easily differentiate between subjects. Looking for a standard notebook for students? Reach for a Colourplay Spiral Bound Recycled Notebook.


#4. Coffee or tea tumblers

A new school year without their morning coffee or tea? No, thank you. For many teachers and staff, their morning cup helps them kickstart each day with energy.

The wood vacuum travel tumbler is a great promotional product for teachers that’ll keep their favourite beverage hot or cold throughout the day. Educators and staff will be thankful to have the quick pick-me-up to help them power through their many responsibilities. Give tumblers to teachers and staff during staff meetings. To impress them even more, fill the tumblers with your staff’s favourite hot beverage.


Get ready to welcome back teachers, students and staff

Kickstart your back-to-school plans by welcoming back teachers, students and staff. Whether you help them fuel up throughout the day or provide an easy way to carry school supplies, these ideas and school promotional products are sure to pass with flying colours.