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| Updated: March 25, 2021

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service is on the rise, and it’s likely more common than you think. How common? One study estimated that by 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions will occur with no human involvement. Perhaps even more surprising—customers are fans of using AI as part of their customer service experience. A recent study showed that 83 percent of customers find chatbots or other AI capabilities an acceptable way to communicate with a company. Not only that, but 49 percent of consumers said they would shop at an AI-equipped business more frequently, and 34 percent said they would spend more money.


Keep reading to learn how AI can help you provide an exceptional customer experience with help from technology giveaways.


Quick and easy customer support


Online support is one of the most popular uses of AI today. Through the technology, customers can send questions or problems to a chatbot, which answers queries, sorts customer tickets, and sends issues to employees for further assistance. And when the tickets are directed to your staff, the same AI can help them research solutions.


Chatbots have numerous advantages. They are available around the clock, and there’s no waiting in line to speak to them. Also, over time, AI can use the data accumulated from answering similar questions, providing better answers in the future.


If you have chatbots (or will in the future), let your customers know about those 24-hour help options with technology promo items. Imprint virtual reality glasses with a message like “See the future with our new smart help system.” Or offer a technology giveaway, like a phone stand amplifier, with the message “Keep listening to your tunes while using our online chat.”


Personalized shopping experience


AI can do a lot more than help customers with their immediate problems. It can also help people find solutions—and products—they might not even know they need. This is done by using machine learning to make recommendations based on past purchases and behaviours. AI can also be configured to redesign websites in real time to enhance user experiences.


Reward people for buying AI-recommended items by sending them a technology promo item with their order, like a speaker that also functions as a phone stand or a wall charger.


Real-time testing


AI can also be used to let customers try products virtually. Sephora® allows customers to take a picture and use it to “try on” various beauty products via AI. This same technology could be used in a multitude of industries, from clothing to furniture.


If you want to share that your site or app can show these kinds of changes, try sending customers a pair of sunglasses and suggest that recipients “See the possibilities.”


AI makes customer lives easier


AI can let your customers see the possibilities. Use technology giveaways to entice them to check out a better customer experience.