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| Updated: January 06, 2021

Media relations and PR (public relations) landed in the top five of most important communication channels for nonprofits, according to 2014 Nonprofit Communication Trends report Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s. In fact, 63 percent of those surveyed ranked it as either very or somewhat important. Why not make reaching the press that much easier with a digital press kit? Effectively and easily pass along useful information, such as an overview of your organization and its purpose, newsworthy announcements and events, and brand collateral—including logos, images, video and more. Digital press kits offer much of the same content as their hard-copy counterparts, but they’re easier to update, use and distribute. Here are some tips on creating a digital press kit for your nonprofit.

Digital press-kit essentials

Your digital press kit should have two main objectives: first, to promote your brand; and second, to meet the needs of the journalists who want to talk about your organization. Here are the essential components needed to meet those objectives:


Include a bio about your organization, including its history, highpoints and purpose—something that tells your story.


Stats and facts help state the case for your organization’s mission. Financial reports, fact sheets, charts and an FAQ page provide journalists with instant access to needed information.

Key players

Brief bios and images of executives, board members, key staffers and even long-time volunteers provide important information the media often needs. Outline why these key players dedicate their time and/or resources to your organization and its purpose.

Collateral material

Multiple versions and formats of your logo are a must to maintain creative control over your brand’s look and message. Consider including images of your organization and its people in action, video links and links to printed materials, like posters, brochures and other items you’d like the media to publicize.

Contact info

In addition to basic contact information, direct the media to other resources, including links to social media outlets, recent news stories and past press releases.

Now that your digital press kit is complete, you’re ready to distribute it. Be sure your kit is easily found on your organization’s home page, and let the media know it’s out there. Have an upcoming fundraiser or gala you’re inviting press to attend? Imprint their invites and press passes with a link to your online media kit. Or, if you’ve recently been in the news, thank whoever covered your story with a handwritten note and a small token of appreciation, such a stylus, Cell Phone Cleaning Pad or Stick Upz Memo Holder. Imprint your gift with the URL for your online media kit, and it can double as a source for more information when future opportunities requiring press coverage arise.

Journalists are busy people. Have all the information they need to tell your organization’s story at their fingertips with a digital press kit. That may be all it takes for your story to make the news!


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