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| Updated: April 19, 2024

Even with the best intentions, it can be a struggle to fit in a workout on a busy school day. But did you know you can exercise right there in the classroom? With just a few minutes and equipment you can keep in your desk, you can easily complete a workout in your classroom with these exercise moves and fitness promotional items.

Jog in place

Begin with an easy jog next to your desk. As silly as it sounds, jogging in place is a great way to elevate your heart rate and burn calories. Take it up a notch by lifting your knees up toward your chest. Track the steps with a pedometer or activity tracker, both of which make great fitness giveaway items.

Wall sits

Sit against a wall without using a chair. Try to get your thighs parallel to the floor and hold the pose as long as you can. Rest and then repeat to really get the blood pumping. Have a few phone calls to make? This is the perfect exercise to do while talking on the phone.

Bicep curls

While sitting, place an exercise band under your feet and hold the ends or handles. With arms at your sides, curl your elbows up. To increase the band’s resistance, stand up while doing the curls. Give school staff an exercise band or stretch band as a fitness promotional item to get everyone curling together.

Shoulder raises

Don’t put that exercise band away just yet. With the band still under your feet, raise your arms so your biceps are parallel to the ground and your wrists are in line with forearms. Then, lift your arms toward the ceiling and back down to the starting position. Be sure to control the movement on the way down, too, to get the most out of this move.

Tricep dips

With your hands braced on a chair that is pushed up against a wall and your legs extended in front of you, slide your bottom forward and off the chair. Bend your elbows to slowly lower yourself to the ground and then push back up. Modify this move by bending your legs.

Leg lifts

For a move that works muscles and helps with circulation, try leg lifts right from your desk. While sitting, raise one leg straight in front of you. Then raise your leg a few inches higher, hold for 5 seconds and then lower the leg. Repeat with the other leg. Keep going until you complete 10 repetitions on each leg.


Believe it or not, crunches can be done while sitting in your chair. Simply sit straight up with your feet on the floor, place your hands crossed on your chest and bend forward, squeezing your abs as you crunch. Hold for several seconds and release. Repeat as many times as you can. If you prefer crunches on the ground, keep a workout mat near your desk to complete the exercise in your classroom or office.


Now that you know the drill, encourage colleagues to join the exercise fun. Hold a team-building competition to motivate teachers and staff to keep track of their steps or workouts. Provide fitness giveaway items to get the workout ball rolling.

Keep at it, and it won’t be long until these exercises are part of your daily routine, leaving you healthier and with more energy. Don’t forget to keep your fitness promotional items within easy reach as a subtle reminder.