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| Updated: July 14, 2020

Strong leaders are imperative to achieving goals. Assembling a board or committee is just one part of building a productive team. For the board to accomplish its goals, members need to have strong leadership skills and be able to work together.

Teaching members of your board to be strong leaders will have lasting benefits, including higher productivity and improved creativity. These are the skills you want your employees to have. Here are a few training techniques using leadership gifts and training swag as helpful tools.

  • Align their goals with your goals. Take the time to discuss how the goals of the board align with the overall goals of the department. Making the connection between their work and larger goals builds feelings of ownership and increases motivation.
  • Host a leadership training session. Invite the team to attend a leadership development session with an expert coach. Training provides helpful tips and hands-on experience. It’s also a great way for members of your board to network and get to know one another. Thank them for attending with a coffee mug or tech case. If spending a day in training doesn’t work with everyone’s schedule, try an online leadership test to determine leadership styles. This will identify which skills everyone excels at and help determine what skills need improvement.
  • Develop communication skills. Strong communication is a must on any team. Help your board members improve their verbal, nonverbal and listening skills. Effective communication will help your leaders—and their message—be heard.
  • Encourage honesty. Being straightforward and honest is not always easy. Good leaders must have the courage to point out a problem and be able to handle conflict. If no one is comfortable talking about their concerns, finding resolution will be impossible. Make team members feel comfortable by asking for opinions and praising those who share their thoughts.
  • Be available to answer questions. Let everyone know that resources are always available if questions or concerns arise. Schedule time to get together and go over any issues. Providing a notepad or pen with your contact information on it is a great way to highlight your accessibility.
  • Say thanks. Show your gratitude to board members for their service. Feeling appreciated could make them feel more connected and dedicated to their work. A leadership gift, such as a leather portfolio, is a great way to say thanks.

By taking the time to develop strong leaders, you can build a productive team that works well together. Try these training tips, along with leadership gifts, to assemble a top-notch committee that reaches its goals.


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