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| Updated: January 16, 2024

Personalizing the digital healthcare experience can be tricky. According to a study from the University of Texas, users prefer a personalized experience because it makes them feel more in control and reduces the feeling of information overload. Ideally, patients should feel as if they are engaging with a person, even if their experience is completely online. Patients need to feel that their wants and needs are being met.

Improved personalized online experiences are critical because they provide information patients need, empower patients to take control of their health and build trust with healthcare providers. Here’s how to improve patient care by better meeting their online needs.

Provide remarkable user experience paired with healthcare giveaways

Sync your systems

From different clinics to all the departments in each of those clinics, healthcare can be confusing. Combining billing, scheduling and lab result information a patient needs in one spot online gives them a better understanding of their care and allows them to make smarter decisions. Just make sure the sections are clearly labeled and easy to navigate.

Get to know your patients

Make personal notes available in patients’ online records. It helps patients feel more connected if they see personal details from their providers. In your notes, be sure to use terminology that patients will easily understand. Too many technical terms may stop a patient from reading important details and could take away from the personalization of their online records.

Target patients with specific needs

Look for opportunities to reach out to patients throughout the year. For example, expecting mothers might appreciate emails on prenatal care or the dates of upcoming newborn classes. Check in with patients who are trying to get in shape and share online articles with healthy recipes or exercise tips. Take this personalized care to the next level by sending along a wellness healthcare gift like a pedometer.

Gather feedback

Find out exactly what patients want out of their online experience by gathering feedback whenever possible. Discovering what works and what doesn’t can make their personalized online experience even better. But be careful not to take up too much of their time. Create short surveys and include a healthcare gift, such as a First Aid Kit or sport bottle, as a thank you for completing the survey.

Set out healthcare giveaways

To encourage online registration, give away health promotional items in your office that include your website. Reminders of their healthcare group and its website may motivate patients to build their online profiles. Useful giveaways, such as a grocery tote or a Bright Flag Set, will be used regularly, providing multiple impressions of your website.


Put these simple steps into action when creating your personalized online experience to see how to improve patient care through your digital efforts. Don’t forget the health promotional items for a special touch!