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| Updated: March 25, 2021 3 min read

From science to sports to art and astronomy, extracurriculars make school extra-special. If you’re looking to boost membership or convince students to try a new experience, these tips and promotional giveaways can help.


Set up an information station

If you want to connect with potential members, the first step is to make sure they know about you. A simple booth and a sign or two is a great place to start. Put your booth in the gym during back-to-school night and at sporting events or near the main entrance of the school. To capture more attention, offer a promotional giveaway snack like a cookie or chocolate covered pretzels.


Write a media release

If your school has a newspaper or website where students share content, write up a blurb about your group to help generate interest. Make sure to share the five W’s:

  • Who: The name of the organization
  • What: A short description of the organization
  • When: Time and date of meetings
  • Where: Location of the meetings
  • Why: The purpose of the organization


Craft a creative poster

The five W’s can also come in handy when creating posters to put up around the school. Combine need-to-know information and illustrations to get people excited. You can also create temporary announcements with chalk to share your club’s information in front of the school or in the parking lot. If a club is well-established and seeks new members year after year, use a large removable graphic for a quick, easy way to share club information when school starts.


Create a social media account

 With the continual rise of social media, creating a club account is a fast and easy way to share information. As a bonus, you can ask current members to share posts on social to help spread the word. You can also use memorable giveaways to share your social accounts. Pass out a Bungee Rocket with a link to your social media page to students who show interest in your organization.


Give incentives for bringing a guest to the meeting

An easy way to attract new members is to encourage current members to tell their friends. Offer an extra incentive for those who bring a friend to meeting. A fun item like a Robot Cube Puzzle for a robotics league can give everyone a reason to attend and a reminder to come back.


New members = more possibilities

A bigger club means more ideas, more opportunities and more fun. Capture attention with promotional giveaways to introduce students to their new favorite club.