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More than half the people who watch a nonprofit video go on to make a donation. That single statistic may be enough to start pulling out your phone to capture some footage. But before you press the record button, check out these five helpful video marketing tips for nonprofits. Each idea ensures your next project not only looks great, but also captures the attention of your target audience.


Set a goal

Like any other marketing tool, video can help you accomplish your goals, whether you want to get 100 new donations or 100 new volunteers. Knowing what you want to achieve ahead of time will help you decide what style and tone will work best for your target audience. And having a goal makes it easy to determine if your video was effective in the end. After all, if you met your goal, the time and money spent on your video was worth it.


Build a storyboard and shot list

A storyboard is a series of drawings (similar to a comic strip) that show what’s going to appear onscreen. A shot list is a text description of the visuals you want to capture.

Prepare a storyboard and shot list ahead of time so you know what shots you need to maximize your video project’s impact. This type of planning ensures you have the time, budget and equipment to get the job done. It also reduces the amount of time—and money—that could be wasted while determining what happens next.


Capture quality sound

These days, getting a good visual is easier than ever, with many people capturing high-quality video on the same phones they text their friends with. Make sure your sound quality is just as good.

  • Use separate audio equipment: A shotgun mic or clip-on microphone can help pick up clear, crisp audio. If a smartphone or tablet is your only option, capture video on one device and audio on another. The device used for audio should be moved closer to the subject being recorded.
  • Create a recording booth: If you’re trying to record a voiceover, choosing a room without a lot of echo can make the sound clearer. Consider using a closet stuffed with blankets and pillows. If you don’t have a professional microphone, some simple ear buds with a microphone can suffice. (Bonus: These make great thank-you gifts for video participants.)
  • Add music: A search for royalty-free music can add emotion to your video, whether you want to tug at heartstrings or set them racing.


Include a call to action

You can tell the greatest story, fill your video with amazing shots and use the best video marketing tips, but if your video doesn’t answer the question, “What now?” you may miss out. Make sure your video concludes with a call to action, asking people to donate, volunteer, join a board, learn more or attend an event.

You can use nonprofit promotional items to encourage people to take action. Send them a fun sticker as a thank-you, or enter them into a drawing for something bigger, like a hoodie.



Once you’ve created the perfect narrative, get your message into the world. Share it on social media or link it in your monthly newsletter. Don’t forget to add it to your homepage.

You can even share your online video with offline nonprofit promotional items. At your next event, hand out (or mail, if it’s virtual) blue light glasses with a vanity URL. Or give out swing drives with the video and other materials included.


Make your nonprofit video sing

A great video can capture interest, likes, shares and more mere seconds after someone hits play. And with the help of these video marketing tips for nonprofits, you’ll soon be touching hearts, grabbing interest and meeting goals.