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Forty-one percent of the workforce says they would consider switching jobs in the next year. Of those, 55% say their work environment would play a role in whether they choose to stay or leave.

Two employees sit on a couch, one employee works at a standing desk and one employee sits at a desk.

A great office space will encourage retention and help attract new talent. Thoughtful design choices can also encourage greater collaboration and higher productivity. Give your team even more reasons to love coming to work every day with these five office design trends.

  1. Add hot desks
  2. Create privacy pods
  3. Integrate ergonomics
  4. Go natural
  5. Create a homey atmosphere


1. Add hot desks

A hot desk is a desk that isn’t assigned to any one person. It’s open for whoever may need it on a first come, first served basis. The added flexibility of a hot desk works especially well for hybrid teams. When a remote worker comes into the office, they can feel comfortable sitting at a hot desk instead of trying to find an unoccupied desk to work at. Hot desks also work well for gathering a group for collaboration, rather than displacing someone from their regular workspace.


2. Create privacy pods

Create quiet workspaces with privacy pods. Separate the pods from the rest of the office with dividers while keeping them less open than cubicles. Privacy pods might also have added comforts, like a coffee machine with a small table and a comfortable recliner.


If needed, provide soundproof pods for employees who need to meet with clients or hold confidential calls. And consider larger pods for small group collaboration. Include a basket with snacks and office giveaways, like stress relievers, adhesive notes and fun pens, for added productivity.


3. Integrate ergonomic design

Ergonomic office design can play a part in reducing work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). In fact, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries discovered a 61% decrease in WMSD injuries and an 87% decrease in turnover when ergonomic designs were incorporated into a workplace. What’s more, productivity increased while errors dropped.



Create an ergonomic office by providing:

  • Chairs that offer lower and mid-back support for employees of different heights.
  • Footrests for employees whose chair may be too tall for them, so they can rest their feet flat.
  • Split keyboards, which allow staff to type without forcing their hands inward and hunching their shoulders.
  • Adjustable displays, so team members can move their monitor to the height needed.


4. Go natural

Indoor plants improve air quality, lower stress response and increase performance.

Inviting nature into the workspace is a relaxing design trend that brings peace and productivity. Don’t just stick a potted plant in the corner, either. Try a “living wall,” with shelving and baskets filled with plants. Ask employees if they’d like to help care for the plants, as tending to plants can provide stress relief and boost mental health.


Plants can also create a unique centerpiece and provide a relaxed atmosphere when placed in the middle of the room, on tables or around desks. Place Air Plants on team members’ workstations to help them create their own little serene space.


5. Create a homey atmosphere

Offer a nurturing atmosphere that provides care and comfort for your team. Go beyond the typical breakroom with a microwave and table by providing throw blankets and pillows on comfy seating. Diffuse essential oils throughout the workplace for an aromatic treat. Hang inspiring art on the walls to increase visual interest. Stock a bookshelf with industry-related reads so employees can take a welcome break while still learning.


Incorporate small tables for two to encourage more close-knit conversations. Keep a basket of massage balls, yoga mats and small weights for people who want to take a few minutes to stretch or work out to clear their minds or get their creative juices flowing.


Power up the productivity

With these five office design trends (plus useful office giveaways), your workspace will be better than ever. You’ll be blown away by what your staff can accomplish.


Key Takeaways:

  • Create privacy pods for confidentiality and focus
  • Go ergonomic to prevent aches and pains
  • Invite nature into your space
  • Create a homey atmosphere for less stress