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Executive retreats can provide a unique environment for leaders to help define your company’s future direction and strategy. In fact, 34% of workers surveyed said they have the best business ideas when they travel. We offer five pro tips for choosing a retreat destination and setting an agenda for success.


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Tip #1: Choose a setting outside the office

A new environment can encourage creative, innovative thinking. Choose a setting that’s not the typical conference room or office to give executives a fresh mindset.


A breath of fresh air can invigorate productivity. An outdoor venue gets executives away from the daily grind, so they can focus on retreat goals. Discuss company objectives and strategies over a picnic with a Highlander Picnic Blanket. Or provide a cooler bag stool that pulls double duty to provide a place to sit while keeping drinks cool.


Tip #2: Encourage active roles

Listening through hours of presentations can make executives feel more like observers than participants. Give them active roles, like pitching their own strategies and plans for the organization, to encourage participation. Devoting time for meaningful strategy conversations and idea exchanges can also keep leaders invested.


Tip #3: Ask the right questions

Moving the conversation beyond growth and revenue creates a transparent approach to formulating strategy. Ask questions covering topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), well-being and engagement. An executive retreat can also provide an opportunity to reinforce sustainability priorities by providing carbon-neutral tri-blend T-shirts featuring your logo as a retreat giveaway. Or showcase your emphasis on wellness with a branded yoga mat.


Tip #4: Hit specifics in the keynote message

Executives appreciate deeper dives into topics important to the organization. Getting more detailed with your keynote address may also help facilitate learning, problem solving and progress among executives. Thank your expert keynote speakers with branded wireless earbuds or a convenient laptop bag. These retreat giveaways will remind them of your company well after the event.


Tip #5: Select an outside facilitator for feedback

Set aside time for in-depth feedback and use an outside facilitator to help keep discussions balanced and on topic. The best ideas and solutions come from encouraging constructive, honest feedback in a setting open to everyone’s ideas. A consultant can help ensure all voices are heard. Show your gratitude to facilitators with a Trunk Organizer with Cooler or a hooded jacket featuring your logo.


Go beyond a repeat retreat by trying something new

When it’s time to plan your next executive retreat, take a break from what’s been done before to get more engaged executives and productive outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Opt for a change of scenery
  • Encourage active roles for executives
  • Ask unexpected questions
  • Select a topic-specific keynote message
  • Allow an outside consultant to facilitate feedback