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| Updated: January 18, 2021

No matter the size of the business, providing opportunities for employee growth is important to success. When employees believe there is growth potential in their position, they become more invested in the success of the organization, which is good for your bottom line.

Employees with growth opportunities are also less likely to leave the company. For small businesses, that’s critical because it costs more to hire and train new staff than to promote from within. Here are some ways you can create opportunities for employee growth, using training swag as an incentive.

Give chances for professional development

From simply sharing a podcast to attending a conference, encourage team members to learn and grow professionally. For a cost-effective and focused approach, host a personal development day to provide training opportunities and industry updates. Get team members excited for the day with USB hubs or document bag.

Teach them to network

Networking builds professional connections, providing resources for sharing expertise or mentoring. Look for local events and encourage employees to participate. If meeting new contacts makes employees nervous, provide a list of talking points that can help break the ice. Encourage participation by handing out giveaways for employees, such as a power bank, after the event.

Provide constructive feedback

Give productive feedback to employees and include ideas for growth and development. Rather than waiting for an annual review, provide constructive pointers after a big project or other performance goal.

Appreciate big achievements

When employees are excited about their job, they’re motivated to work harder. In fact, 93 percent of employees say they are more driven when they feel appreciated. To recognize achievements, give employees more responsibility, promote from within and give away useful items, like a media charging station or cordless speaker.

Build a mentorship program

Even in a small company, pairing new employees with senior employees benefits the mentor, mentee and the entire company. Mentoring programs teach leadership skills, create learning opportunities and increase employee loyalty. Have employees set aside time each week to discuss questions or concerns.


To retain employees, improve job satisfaction and develop industry skills, put these employee growth ideas into action in your small business. Keep training swag on hand to motivate and recognize employees.