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Although nonprofits may say their volunteers are worth their weight in gold, you might be surprised to learn they’re actually worth $24.14 per hour. And as the end of the year approaches, chances are you’re looking for ways to thank them for their time. That’s where we come in with these holiday gift ideas for volunteers.

Something else you might not expect: Approximately 50% of people prefer an experience over a physical gift. So as an added gift to you, we’ve not only included nonprofit gifts for volunteers, but also experiences they are sure to love.


Educational opportunities

While volunteers sign up for duty because they want to make a difference, many also do so because it provides an opportunity to acquire new job or life skills. Provide them with a chance to learn with:

  • A mentor
  • Webinars
  • An online community
  • Skills classes

You can also include a nonprofit volunteer gift, like a journal with pen for notetaking. Or choose a gift that ties into their training—for example, a tape measure would pair well with a construction class.


An album of memories

Volunteers make a lot of memories, whether they’re passing out water at a fundraising walk or greeting people at your front desk. Help them memorialize those moments by documenting them.

Print up a picture of your entire team or your volunteers in action and give it to them in a frame to thank them for all the times they showed up to help. For those extra-special volunteers who show up for everything, choose a photo album that documents a full year in review.


An invite-only volunteer event

More than one-third of volunteers use volunteering as a way to socialize. So why not get some of your volunteers together and give them a chance to hang out outside of their organizational duties?

Invite your top volunteers to a holiday party (either in person or online) to play some games or just mix and mingle. Help them remember the event with a thoughtful gift. A set of pint glasses makes a great gift for in-person attendees. And virtual party-goers will appreciate headphones with a microphone to make sure the fun comes through loud and clear.


The gift of relaxation

Your volunteers put in many hours because they want to make the community better. Give them the gift of downtime by holding a mindfulness, yoga or other relaxation event. And to make it even more calming, give some relaxing nonprofit gifts to volunteers.

Items like a super soft blanket and a Massage Ball are great rewards for a job well done.


Send them a handwritten card

The best nonprofit gifts for volunteers are the ones that come directly from your heart. Give every volunteer a handwritten card that thanks them for:

  • Projects they spearheaded
  • Their volunteer hours
  • Long-term service milestones


Give back with holiday gift ideas for volunteers

With another year of doing good coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to tell your volunteers that you couldn’t take such good care of the community without them. And with these holiday gift ideas for volunteers, they’ll know how much they’re valued.