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All of us deserve a bit of pampering and relaxation. As we approach the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to reset. These health and wellness ideas can help.

We talked to Rebecca, our merchandising expert on wellness and safety products. She shared her insights into a variety of relaxing and stress-relieving promotional products that would be perfect for anyone who could use a little pampering.

“This is a great time to pause and focus,” Rebecca said. “The stressors we have all faced and continue to face, both personally and professionally, are vast.  The biggest trend that I see in wellness and safety is self-care. This means something different to everyone, and there is no shortage of recommendations for how to get started.”


Prioritize relaxation to rejuvenate their minds and spirits

“A great place to start, and my personal favorite, is relaxation,” Rebecca said. “I try to regularly set aside quiet time to get comfy and check in with myself. Encourage your customers or employees to take time for this nurturing act with Cozy Sherpa Blankets inviting Americana Leather-Wrapped Journals  or a tasty cup of Individual Hot Chocolate On A Spoon (just stir into a mug of hot water for a delicious, relaxing treat).


Disconnect from stress with low-tech, non-screen activities

“Between virtual meetings, checking emails and scrolling on social media, my screen time adds up. I find it very helpful, physically and mentally, to disconnect and unplug when possible,” Rebecca explained. “Foster non-screen activities with stress-relieving coloring book sets puzzle books or drawing sets.


Move them outside to calm their inner selves

“If the weather is nice, I prefer to get outside,” Rebecca said. “Fresh air, sunshine and reconnecting with nature can work miracles for me. Take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood with the 157040 Retractable Pet Leash, get some downtime in the garden with the 149281 Plastic Garden Shovel, or wind down with a family picnic (the 160932 Koozie® Collapsible Picnic Basket holds plenty of food and comes in four colors).


Get them moving to lighten their mood

Keeping your staff, customers and prospects moving offers both physical and mental health benefits. Promoting a company wellness program (even when many staff may be working from home) can be as easy as providing a health and wellness gift. “Regardless of your preferred method, physical activity can help relieve stress and improve your health,” Rebecca said. “Our Debossed Yoga Mat with Strap is perfect for their at-home or on-the-go workout. The Fierce Floating Wireless Speakers can be a fun way to encourage dance parties. Keep hydrated while hiking or biking with 4imprint Exclusive Refresh® Edge Water Bottles.”


Help people feel fantastic with health and wellness gifts

With these health and wellness gifts, you can help your staff, customers and prospects feel wonderful. Their minds will be refreshed and their bodies rejuvenated. Here’s to good health!