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4 Memorable Summer Team Building Activities

“Team building is the most important investment you can make for your people,” CEO and founder of Vancouver-based O2E Brands Brian Scudamore said in a recent Forbes® blog post. Team building is an investment—and a worthwhile one, too. It can significantly improve employee engagement, promote trust and collaboration, alleviate conflict and increase communication.

The best way to plan team-building activities is to choose something unique and focus on the positives. For some fun, out-of-the box activities, keep reading!

Unique Summer Team-Building Activities

  • Go sailing: Make the workday smooth sailing by having your employees learn to sail a boat. Picking up new skills, solving problems and working together in an often unpredictable environment will bring them together. Keep it safe, though, and make sure there’s an expert on hand to help. A water-resistant, windproof jacket is a great giveaway for this team-building activity—it will come in handy on the water while giving your team a sharp, unified look.
  • Attend a concert or game: Effective team building activities do not require strict lessons in leadership. Rather, it’s about sharing an experience and bonding. Hit up your favourite music festival or take your team out to a ball game. Make the experience extra special by handing out logo’d Risky Business Sunglasses. These stylish frames provide protection from the sun,and your team will love rocking the many patterns and colours.
  • Game night: Rally the team for a game of kickball or baseball, a round of mini-golf or a picnic (with lawn games, of course)! Reward winning teams with game day chairs or outdoor blankets. Hold prize draws for participants—a logo’d BBQ set or combination cooler/grill make great prizes.
  • Outdoor adventure: Take your team to new heights when you visit a ropes course, go rock climbing or try a zip line. There’s nothing like some fun and adventure to keep your team physically and mentally strong. They’ll certainly come to depend on each other during their adventure, too. Commemorate the experience with a logo’d Bucket Hat or adventure tool kit.

Remember, team building is a worthwhile investment. Give the stuffy meetings and lectures the boot. Choose unique team building options, toss in some team-building giveaways and have fun!


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