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| Updated: March 07, 2022

Using an outcome-based approach to encourage involvement in your community is a win-win. It showcases end results to motivate people to become more involved. Outcome-based engagement can help increase ownership of a community while building a local government that is by the people, for the people. Here are three tips to help engage your community by sharing successful outcomes and using government giveaways.

Change behavior by highlighting results

Move people to action by showing how new behaviors can create a positive change. Build a marketing campaign that highlights how community action has led to positive results. In Rhode Island, for example, government officials shared the positive effects of reading to kids and there was an increase in literacy rates. Pair your campaign with a related promotional product to really drive the point home. A library, for example, could give away bookmarks or reading lights. 

Use insights from behavioral sciences

Behavioral science seeks to understand why humans act the way they do. Use results from behavioral studies to better current policies. For example, San Marcos, Calif., decreased energy use by sending out letters to residents comparing their energy usage to their neighbor’s. If a resident discovered they were using more energy than their neighbor, they were motivated to change their behavior and decrease their usage, resulting in a 10% decrease of energy use overall. There are many ways to apply this concept to your community. Are you looking for volunteers for your next park clean-up or are you trying to recruit donors for a blood drive? Show that other community members are already doing these things to make their neighborhood a better place and you should see better engagement.

Go where the people are

Attend concerts, meetings or other events where community members gather and present current campaign results. Come prepared (PDF) with materials, translated in other languages if need be, and giveaways. Share positive results from campaigns and explain, in person, how actions can spur change. Draw attendees to your station with eye-catching promotional products, such as power banks or sunglasses. Bring along a prize wheel to add fun to your booth.

An outcome-based approach to community involvement gives government the chance to share positive results, while clearly illustrating how community members can make a difference. Handing out giveaways can also highlight results and motivate others. Be sure to try these tips for to improve your next campaign.