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| Updated: March 10, 2021

A survey of teachers showed that students who skip breakfast lose two hours of learning per day due to lack of concentration and behaviour problems. And studies have shown that children do better on tests when they’ve had breakfast. Breakfast is clearly an important part of the day, but many students aren’t getting the message.

A study by the University of Waterloo found that 39 percent of Canadian students surveyed regularly skip breakfast.  By addressing the common excuses students give for skipping breakfast, you can help them get off to a good start each day. Here are ways to combat common reasons not to eat breakfast (and some school promotional items to help get the message across).

“I don’t have time!”

Students often say they don’t have time to prepare and eat a proper breakfast. But, choosing foods that require little preparation or eating food during a commute can help solve this problem. School promotional items like the Super Kid Sticker Sheet can help younger children remember to make healthy eating choices. Or, provide hungry students with an oats and honey granola bar.

“I’m trying to lose weight!”

Some students who want to lose or maintain weight choose to skip breakfast to decrease the number of calories they’re eating a day. However, studies show that people who eat breakfast consume about 7 percent fewer calories per day—and eat healthier in general. If your students are truly concerned about their weight, remind them to speak to a doctor before starting any weight loss program. Teach elementary students about healthy portion sizes and food choices with an activity book. Give older students a smoothie bottle to encourage healthy breakfasts on the go.

“I’m just not hungry!”

While most people wake up feeling at least a little hungry in the morning, some people simply don’t feel like eating until later in the day—specifically when breakfast is over and lunch hasn’t yet started. Protein helps students stay focused while making them feel full longer. Keep healthy promotional products for students like mixed nuts on hand to help students bridge this midmorning gap.

Breakfast builds healthier brains

Remind students how breakfast can help them have a better academic day. Couple the reminders with school promotional items so they start eating the day’s most important meal.