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| Updated: January 18, 2021

Team building activities can turn a rather average or dull meeting into something special. Carefully crafted ice breakers can be a brilliant lead-in to the main topic of the day. By getting to know each other, getting to know the facilitators and learning about the event’s objectives, people can become more engaged in the proceedings and contribute more effectively toward a successful outcome. Paired with a variety of unique meeting giveaways, team-building activities can be a fun way to engage your audience as you kick-off your next event.

So, how can you start the day off right during your next team gathering? Here are some of our favourite team-building ice breakers for meetings:

Connecting stories

This fun team-building activity focuses on finding common experiences among people. Divide attendees into groups of six to eight people. Make sure each table has several Post-it® Notes and Epiphany Stylus Pens. At the start of the activity, choose a topic for the team to explore. Start by having one group member tell a short, topic-related anecdote. Then have the group members work as a team to build a story, using the pens and sticky notes to jot down words and phrases that connect the stories. The goal of the activity is to find interesting ways to connect each person’s mini-story through similar elements and themes. For example, one person could start by telling the group about a time she lost her house keys and spent the day at a coffee shop. The next person might add to the story by talking about how drinking coffee keeps her up at night. A third person may share a story about staying up all night playing video games. The more mini-stories that can be connected, the better.

Photo scavenger hunt

As the facilitator of this activity, prepare a list of about 12 interesting places, things and circumstances that can be captured in a photograph. Divide into teams of three to four people and set a time limit for the activity. Make sure at least one person on each team has a phone or camera. Ask the teams to find as many things on the list as they can. For each item found, the team needs to take a picture of the item, and the photo must include all the group members. Encourage the players to be creative and to think outside the box. At the end of the activity, give one point for each successful photo and award bonus points for creativity. Give a small prize to the winners—branded journal notebooks, tote bags and media charging stations make great meeting giveaways.

Solving puzzles by committee

Try this activity to encourage problem solving and teamwork while attendees get to know each other. Divide into teams to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Select a puzzle that complements your brand or meeting theme. Give each participant a piece of the puzzle.  This problem-solving activity will relies on teamwork—each person’s piece of the puzzle contributes to the overall group result.


Ice breakers can be a powerful tool for keeping your meeting attendees energized, focused and receptive to learning. While they tend to be short and simple, it is important to take the time to select and plan fun team-building ice breakers for meetings. How you frame them and when you introduce them at the meeting has a great influence on their effectiveness. Carefully crafted ice breakers can be a powerful aid for effective learning and retention of information. And they can be a lot of fun, especially when paired with unique meeting giveaways.