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The state of team building 2018: Team-building trends and tips

The value of teamwork is undeniable. It fosters creativity, builds strong relationships between employees and increases productivity. Yet, 39 percent of surveyed employees believe people within their organizations could collaborate more. Encourage collaboration within your organization with tips found in this ebook and team-building giveaways that prep employees for success. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Uncover the latest in team-building trends!

In organizations of all sizes, more and
more people are working in teams. Whether it’s the fast pace of work, the speed of change or the complexity of the tasks at hand, we’re relying on our teammates more and more.

That’s what we found when we surveyed hundreds of talent development professionals throughout the country about team building in their organizations.

As you read through the book, you’ll find that nearly all work in a team some or
all of the time. We’ll take a deep dive into the training and tools organizations are
providing to support their teams. To help you in your efforts toward better team
building, we provide tips and giveaways that encourage collaboration. You’ll also
hear from customers on which team-building gifts worked well for
their organizations.

Encouraging teamwork and communication among employees is important for the
success of your staff and organization. Not surprisingly, employees who collaborate
and communicate with each other are more productive and do higher quality work.

That makes teamwork a win for all!

Wishing you and your team success,

Kevin Lyons-Tarr
CEO, 4imprint, Inc.

Survey results:
Who are our respondents?
4imprint surveyed professionals across multiple industries about team-building practices. The organizations ranged in size from a handful of employees to more than 5,000.

The state of team building
Most employees work in teams some or all of the time.

Teamwork training for all employees is on the rise.

Across industries, most respondents said all employees receive teamwork training.


Team building is more likely to be held at the office than it was a year ago.

Companies with more than 1,000 employees are the most likely to encourage off-site team building.

Communication is the most common team training topic.

INSIDE SCOOP: Respondents said communication training provides the most value
for their teams!

TOP 3 Training topics
1. Communication
2. Effective Listening
3. Goal Setting

Time and tools devoted to teamwork is shifting.

TIP: Maximize success by providing the time and tools needed for effective team building!

The healthcare industry is most likely to use team-building tools and technology.

6 steps to team-building success
Open communication
Ensure all voices are valued
Set goals
Clarify expectations
Build autonomy and accountability
Share team-focused promo products
Source: https://hbr.org/2016/01/how-to-boost-your-teams-productivity

Top team-building gifts



Totes and bags

Journals and notebooks

Apparel that gets applause!

Nearly half of respondents give logoed apparel as a team-building giveaway.
Giving your team custom apparel builds unity and a sense of belonging.

Promotional pens that do the talking for you.
Nearly 2 in 5 organizations use personalized pens to promote team building.

The education sector is most likely to use logoed pens as team-building giveaways.
Pens are the perfect tools to give away for team training sessions.

Cheers to custom drinkware!

30% of respondents give custom drinkware for team-building exercises.

People hang on to useful promo products—like drinkware!


Tote your team spirit with logoed bags.
3 out of 10 organizations give custom bags during team training sessions.
Personalized bags help organize team-building gifts and materials.


Keep notes handy with journals and notebooks.
29% of organizations share logoed journals and notebooks as team-building

Give teams custom notebooks and notepads to encourage collaboration and ideation.

Giveaways that encourage team building
Equip your employees with what they need to work successfully as a team. Team-building gifts can serve as the necessary tools for collaboration, as rewards for doing great work or both!

Share your top team-building giveaways!

Do you have a team-building giveaway that made a huge impact? Share your tips with us! Email 4ideas@4imprint.com with photos and your team-building success story.

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How does your company stack up against 2018’s team-building trends? The answers are in our free eBook. Inside you’ll find exclusive survey data, popular team-building gifts and helpful tips to bring your team success.

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