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| Updated: March 25, 2022


Booth Buzz

Promotional products might just be the best thing ever when it comes to making sure your booth is the one they visit. Here are some ways to make sure there is a well-worn path right to your booth.

“We wanted to get shirts so that we all matched at work and to make us more identifiable when attending events/trade shows. The shirts arrived quickly and in plenty of time for our first event. We love how they look and feel…and were amazed by how the dog hair doesn’t stick to them!…If only we could find pants like that, too =)” – Keri from St. Catharines, C114838 Moreno Textured Micro Polo

“We gave them away with samples of our products at our last trade show. The customers loved them and everyone walking around the show was displaying our logo!” – Anonymous, C105023 Oxo-Biodegradable Grab Bag

“I pass them out at comic conventions to people who might be interested in purchasing goods (graphic novels/artwork) or commissioning artwork from me.” – Anonymous, C17613 Business Card Magnet

“Our conference is held every 3 years. We have given out totes, pens, notes and other misc. products, but the lovely cushions we purchased were perfect! The side pocket held the delegates agendas, etc. and can be reused as they attend other functions as a comfort item. Sitting on hard chairs for two days was much more appealing, and we have had positive comments on the thoughtfulness of our gift. Thank you!” – Barb from Prince Albert, C113890 Non-Woven Stadium Mat

“The items were distributed to a conference with a threefold objective: increase our department’s visibility, define its image (with its new logo) and provide a useful tool to those attending, a tool which is always needed at a conference.” – Anonymous, C109668 Isadora Notebook Combo

“The junior padfolios we ordered for a conference were very well received! Our registrants were given the choice of 4 colours (we ordered equal amounts of each colour offered) and they loved it! They commented on how classy they looked, and the female registrants liked the idea of being able to fit the padfolios in their purse for use at the conference and beyond.” – Anonymous, C111483 Pedova Jr. Zippered Padfolio

“We had an opportunity to place a promotional item with each plate setting at a dinner event during a conference. Since there was little space on the dinner tables, we needed something small and brightly colored. The conference was overseas so small dimensions and low weight were important to reduce shipping cost.” – Anonymous, C139675 Retractable Charging Cable

“We use this as swag at events at our booths to increase more traffic and attract customers to us. This helps us with conversation starters and brand our product to give our potential clients.” – Anonymous, C139676 Jupiter Bluetooth® Speaker

“The table skirt ordered was of good quality, color and appearance. It show cased our organization with such a professional look. It definitely helped attract conference delegates!” – Donna from East St. Paul, C144282 6’ Table Throw

“This was our first conference and we wanted to be sure to look professional. The lanyards looked great and really showed off our brand.” – Anonymous, C124223 Lanyard with Metal Bulldog Clip

“We use the products at Recruitment Career Fairs to attract people to our booth while at the same time providing them with an item that they will use later, and others may see, and it assists in getting our brand out.” – Anonymous, C121872 Non-SPF Lip Balm

“We used our pens as giveaways at a Trade Show to create brand awareness. Pens are a great item to give because potential clients will keep them, use them and remember where they got them! We were also able to order the pens in our Corporate colours, and that was very important to me.” – Marilyn from Calgary, C137404 Value Stick Pen

Build Your Brand

From small business to big business, university to nonprofit, the name of the game is to make sure people know who you are and what you’re about. Promotional products work when it comes to building your brand.

“We attend a lot of business casual events and wanted to get our logo in front of prospects in a relaxed way.” – Anonymous, C134961 Under Armour® Tech Polo

“I have to date purchased 1,500 keychains and they go on every set of keys when I sell a car, truck or SUV:) They never forget me when they have a keychain with my name, business and my personal cell phone number:)” – Chad from Brantford, C110606 Econo Metal Keychain

“We use these bags for general promotions as well as our food bank hampers.” – Anonymous, C108714 Jumbo Grocery Tote

“We used these bags with our company logo. One it helped us promote our brand. Second it will stay with the customer longer which will help in future as well. Third it was a convenience for our customers to carry guides in the trade show.” – Anonymous, C110142 Take Home Bag

“We wanted to give a gift to all the youth hockey players who participate in our annual charity pond hockey tournament. In addition, we wanted to have the name and website of our tournament on the gift item so there would be a visual reminder of the tournament to help with registrations for next year’s event.” – Tanis from Minnedosa, C110607 Value Sport Bottle with Push Pull Cap

“We had an event called Health, Safety & Wellness week. It was a way to promote healthy lifestyles and choices. As we are a company that is mostly outside, we want our employees to wear proper protection. It was a nice way to give our employees sunglasses to protect their eyes, but also branding as they walk around.” – Ashley from Niagara Falls, C107694 Sunglasses

“We ordered Golf Bag Tags for our golf members, which they were very pleased with, and by using them also advertises our Golf Course should they be at an alternate course.” – Joan from Wasaga Beach, C134316 Round Golf Bag Tag

“This was a great choice for bringing our brand in front of a youth audience with something that they will keep and use and will keep our logo and contact info in front of them for a long time after the conference.” – Anonymous, C134891 Lunar Charging Cable Keychain

“We used our items to put in take-home bags for a large children’s event. The kids were very excited to receive them.” – Anonymous, C120576 Nite Glow Bracelet

“I always put a pen into the folder for real estate contracts and showings. This provides convenience for the client and me since there is no need to search for pens for signatures and during showings allows clients to make their own notes on the feature sheets. It keeps my name in focus for all who use them.” – Patricia from Pouce Coupe, C101705 Krypton Pen

For Your Cause

Whether the mission is a nonprofit, school store or fundraising, if you need money, promotional products work.

“I ordered the maze pens to complement a recent book release for a story that included a labyrinth.” – Katlin from Cambridge, C102233 Maze Pen

“We are an organize that helps with medical attention for citizens outside of our municipality. The costs are extremely high so with these products we are able to fundraise and be able to help out financially to help lessen their burden……” – Christiana from La Tabatiere, C129645 Crossland™ Soft Shell Jacket

“As a church group, we will be using the mugs to raise funds for PWRDF projects.” – Anonymous, C110122 Challenger Mug

“Gave it as gift with donation.” – Pamela from Hillsborough, C17614 Flat Flexible Magnet

“We are a nonprofit organization who helps through fundraisers, our citizens who have to seek medical services outside of our isolated community.” – Anonymous, C123409 Econo Lapel Pin

“We had a golf tournament fundraiser and gave the item out at the putting contest.” – Anonymous, C121402 Silicone Smartphone Wallet

“The pen was a free giveaway to our guests at our fundraiser as a bonus for their support.” – Kem from Scarborough, C104212 Wolverine Pen

Saying Thank You

Here are creative ways to say thanks to volunteers, applaud hard workers for a job well done or recognize an anniversary.

“Thank you gifts for our volunteers during National Volunteer Week. We always try to find new gift ideas for our volunteers that they will use. This year we wanted them to have something they could wear with pride while out in the community.” – Anonymous, C123894 Gildan® Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

“We purchase personalized hats for our sales agents who were exceeding in sales as a thank you gift. They really enjoyed them and appreciated the gesture.” – Anonymous, C135885 FILA® Torino Cap

“We provide gifts to our current and past employees with 25 years or more of service with a gift at an annual recognition luncheon.” – Anonymous, C114492 All-Purpose Tool Bag

“The brief bags will be given to each presenter. This hopefully helps give incentive to others to present at our next conference.” – Tom from Toronto, C118901 TGIF Brief Bag

“We handed out the aluminum wallets at our Volunteer Appreciation Supper. Our volunteers really liked the gift, and commented on how much they appreciate the gifts we give every year. We have been ordering from 4Imprint for a few years now.” – Anonymous, C136123 Bodyguard RFID Aluminum Wallet

“The mugs were a thank you for parent volunteers and there were many requests of whether or not there were mugs that could be purchased. We’re considering using them as a fundraiser for next hockey season.” – Martina from Ashcroft, C129204 Sculpt Travel Tumbler

“We ordered these sharp looking, inexpensive mugs as a year-end party favour for our volunteer potluck. We stuffed them with goodies like hot chocolate, teas and candies in a snowflake printed cello bag. We added a thank you message on a gift tag and tied it with a ribbon. The mugs did double duty as a table decoration.” – Chris from Hanover, C110122 Challenger Mug

“The organization that I purchased the blanket is a “thank you” gift for people in our community who volunteer their time and talent by making a presentation or workshop on a variety of subjects. It is an excellent gift because it can be given to both male or female presenters.” – Anonymous, C109674 Fold-Up Blanket Bag

“We are a high school who are always looking for a way to thank our Co-Op placement sponsor businesses – within a very limited budget. Note cubes with our school motto on the side (which we will present wrapped with a matching coloured ribbon and nice note card) will – we hope – be both useful and a reminder of what we hope was a great experience working with our students. Within our budget, too!” – Anonymous, C17654 Post-it® Cubes

“Hosted a spin and win during a sales event. Prizes varied from $5 to $50. We used the Selfie Stick and pouch, among various other branded product from 4imprint as instant prizes. We selected items that could be easily carried around by customers.” – Anonymous, C139936 Selfie Stick with Pouch

“We are celebrating a milestone in our charity, 25,000 wishes! We purchased power banks for our biggest donors and our staff to celebrate the power of 25,000 wishes.” – Anonymous, C134349 Velocity Power Bank

Spreading the Word

Help spread the word about your special campaign—from a simple community reminder to public safety.

“For every adoption made at the shelter, we put all of the pet’s paperwork and a sample bag of food into the bag. This way everything is neatly kept together, and the adopter is leaving with a bag with our logo on it.” – Anonymous, C131071 Everyday Grocery Bag

“We are promoting a program which is directed to a particular group of youth at risk. By creating a brand which they can identify with we reduce the impact of “labelling” and hope they will be more likely to seek out our services and supports. It also helps to promote the support among the professionals these youth are also involved with.” – Brenda from Lindsay, C111043 Aluminum Water Bottle with Carabiner

“We provided water bottles to all of our students to promote the consumption of water rather than juice, pop and sports drinks.” – Anonymous, C114427 Jogger Sport Bottle

“We use these products for public awareness regarding forest fires. A big part of our goal is to ensure that people know the proper phone number to call to report a forest fire should they see one.” – Anonymous, C141729 Grip-It Magnet Clip

“I am a small non-profit organization, so finding a great, inexpensive item to raise awareness of my fatherhood organization is a huge benefit. I keep a pile of the flying discs in my trunk and give them out to fathers when they are with their kids. They almost always go online to check out my organization that day!” – Anonymous, C109231 Fun Flyer

“The flags were used to get people in the area notice our Church’s Kid’s summer camp. We’ll be using the flags for years to come… thank you for all your help, knowledge and expertise.” – Salem from Mississauga, C138776 Outdoor Value Sign

“Anti-Bulling Awareness school campaign.” – Tracy from Okotoks, C114537 Silicone Wristbands

“Generate Buzz i.e. get our message out to our clients, community partners to use our immsonline site to report immunizations. We hand out quantities to physician offices for patients, we provide at our own clinics, and for any projects or functions that would apply.” – Anonymous, C7678 Kidz Bandage Dispenser

“We used the item ‘zipper pull safety reflector’ to promote our unit/organization at a community event. We had a spin wheel where it attracted families and kids to our booth. When we were giving away the item, it allowed for a discussion about pedestrian safety and how to use the item.” – Anonymous, C132726 Reflective Zipper Pull

“We were hosting a launch of one of the new and exciting initiatives and we wanted to order buttons to generate buzz.” – Samantha from Toronto, C114466 Mini Round Button


Team Unity

If you’re looking to outfit your team with a unified look, trying to build morale, or you want to create walking billboards, promotional products get the job done.

“Morale has been low for many years; there has been a concerted effort to raise “team” awareness and buy-in. The jackets have contributed greatly to our team spirit.” – Anonymous, C121147 Coal Harbour Everyday Colourblock Fleece Jacket

“We use these items to give to new staff when they join our agency. They are included in an orientation package which we provide all staff.” – Anonymous, C122646 Happy Mood Maniac Stress Keychain

“We entered a community run as a team!!” – Jana from Corner Brook, C119566 Pro Team Moisture Wicking Tee

“Our organization wanted to boost staff involvement surrounding a new program at work. Water bottles given to staff helped get them excited to promote it from within.” – Anonymous, C134907 Australe Stainless Vacuum Bottle

“We ordered branded shirts to wear for conferences/career fairs/ etc. They are professional and tidy looking and will be helpful to ensure our brand gets the exposure it needs :)” – Anonymous, C121789 OGIO® Crush Henley

“We offer our employees a promotional item yearly to boost team moral and motivation!” – Talie from Montreal, C120234 Flavour-It Glass Water Bottle

“We have the parents purchase them under cost price, so it is affordable, and their child wears them sailing to make them feel more of a special group.” – Anonymous, C116841 Fruit of the Loom® Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

“We wanted an easy way to identify our Board members to guests at our events. The sashes made our group highly visible to attendees; are reusable for other events and sparked conversation and questions about our organization – Perfect!” – Anonymous, C131764 3” x 72” Sash

“These sweatshirts look so great that we wear them with pride in the community and the logo generates feedback about our business.” – Sharon from Pembroke, C118254 PTech Moisture Wicking Full-Zip Sweatshirt

“I’m part of the HR Team for a ski resort – we gave out lanyards as “swag” for our 500 staff. They have the resort’s Core Values on them and they are reflective which is awesome! And the staff always love a free gift!!!” – Katy from Panorama, C111028 Reflective Lanyard


The Carrot

Increase participation, improve registration rates and maybe even generate additional revenue. When you’re looking for that ‘carrot,’ look for promotional products.

“Municipally owned craft shop, that sell items with the community symbol on it.” – Anonymous, C116841 Fruit of the Loom® Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

“Every guest that services their vehicle at Lexus of Oakville gets one of these complimentary gifts.” – Anonymous, C135363 Smart Grab Microfibre Cleaning Mitt

“We invited all the grade 7 students in our catchment area to a fun day of activities at our high school as a means of introducing the school and encouraging them to choose us as their future high school. The goal was to increase future enrollment. We gave out sportpacks with our school logo printed on them as a parting gift / memento of the day.” – Anonymous, C7687 Polypropylene Drawstring Sportpack

“Giving them away as a gift with purchase.” – Richard from Etobicoke, C116076 Flip-Top Dispenser with Sugar-Free Mints

“Gave out towels to everyone that showed up at our series end wrap up party – they were a huge hit!” – Anonymous, C112172 Beach Towel

“My municipality ordered a portfolio to hand out as thank you to businesses who decided to set up operations in our quaint little town. The portfolios display our logo beautifully, and I would be willing to use 4imprint again soon. An unexpected bonus was how detailed the logo was. I expected it to be simplified to the extent of losing important details. To my surprise they turned out next to perfect! Thank you 4imprint.” – Anonymous, C5638 Zippered Vinyl Portfolio

“We gave away the beach balls at an event for our Kids Club. Kids 10 and under can join for free and enjoy exclusive discounts and events. Kids Club members got a free item (beach balls, jump ropes, etc.) for attending our Spring Break events located in our centre court.” – Roxanne from Winnipeg, C114801 16” Beach Ball

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