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| Updated: February 08, 2022


Promotional Products Work: 3rd Edition

4imprint customers tell you how they have used promotional products to grab attention, grow their business, say ‘thanks’, raise awareness or otherwise spread the word!

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I appreciate you taking the time to look through our third edition of ‘Promotional Products Work’. This project has been one that has energized me and everyone else. who works on it. Just when we think we have figured out every possible way a pen, shirt, mug or bottle can be used with an imprint, our customers continue to impress!

The premise of this publication is to facilitate the sharing of ideas generated by people who can speak from experience! As part of our’Two-Second Survey” that is sent after an order is completed, customers share how they have used their products to meet their objectives. When asked if they’d be willing to share their ideas, we were thankfully greeted with a resounding yes!

We really can’t thank those who contributed to this book enough. We hope you enjoy ‘Promotional Products Work —Third Edition ‘ —and if you put any of these good ideas to work be sure to pay it forward and share your ideas with others!


Kevin Lyons-Tarr


4imprint, inc

Table of Contents

  • Build your brand – page 3
  • Booth buzz – page 29
  • Raising money for your cause – page 43
  • Saying thank you – page 56
  • Spreading the word – page 70
  • Team unity – page 87
  • The carrot – page 99

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Build Your Brand

From small business to big business, university to non-profit, the name of the game is to make sure people know who you are and what you’re about. Promotional products work when it comes to building your brand.

Page 3

As a General Contractor specializing in home remodeling and green building, I am always on the lookout for nice quality, versatile promotional products which my clients and professional associates will really USE! Promotional items that don’t get used by the recipient are simply a waste, which is not very “green” at all! The house shaped jar openers are a terrific item for my company. They are an eye-catching shape in a cheerful color. People actually hang on to them and use them because they are a multipurpose item (jar opener, lint remover, coaster, light bulb changer, etc.). The jar openers also have a big imprint area that allows my logo to stand out!

Kathy with DesignTech of Southwest Florida, Inc., # 39134-HO, Jar Opener – House

Page 4

We purchased the Bic Clic Stic pens. They have a large imprint area for us to include the full name of our eye clinic and phone numbers for all three of our offices. This makes it very easy for our patients to read and use our contact info. These pens are loved by our patients!

Lenore with Indiana Eye Clinic, # 39152, Bic Clic Stic Pen

Page 5

I ordered the Telluride® fleeces and give them to patients, staff and friends around the holidays. Everyone loves them! The fleeces wash and wear well year after year. I see people wearing them in the grocery store, local restaurants, even at karaoke! Having our logo on such a great product is a perfect conversation starter, too. It gives my patients a chance to brag about what quality care they received and personally recommend us to others.

Becki with Performance Physical Therapy, # 7558, Telluride® Signature Fleece Jacket

Page 6

We used the mouse pads at the public computers in the library to increase our name recognition as well as create buzz because of the interesting design. It was so successful all the staff wanted them too!

Paula from Fort Collins, # 107760, Antimicrobial Recycled Mouse Pad — Circle

Page 7

I am the owner of Fit Pro Massage, LLC, in McLean, VA. I ordered my company logo as a temporary tattoo. During the triathlon season, my company works outdoors providing sports massages for many local triathlons and road races. I posted a photo of the new temporary tattoo (on my ankle) on my personal and business Facebook® pages, announcing it as a fun new way to guarantee front-of-the-line service to all athletes who pre-pay for their post-race sports massage. My clients, colleagues & friends were VERY excited about the new tattoos and the unique way to use them! The athletes will wear our logo anywhere on their body during their race and then jump to the front of the line to get their post-race massage. Imagine their excitement as they brag to their friends waiting in line and point at their tattoos – and we have guaranteed business and built-in advertising!

Robin with Fit Pro Massage, LLC, # 101115, Custom Temporary Tattoo – 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″

Page 8

The cooler bags are perfect to give new families upon enrollment to bring in and use as their baby-bottle bags. They double as a lunch bag after the babies grow out of bottles!

Katie from Johns Creek, # 100842, Simple & Cool Lunch Tote

Page 9

I have a bridal show coming up and I want useful items that the brides will hold on to and remember me when anyone needs a DJ! The variety of colors that items are available in really helps me to keep my brand consistent…especially a not-so-common color like lime green.

Danielle with Music By Danielle, # 108818, Lip Balm in Skinny Tube

Page 10

We ordered pen/highlighter combos. We host Speed Reading workshops in a dozen markets across the country. Each attendee gets a branded pen/highlighter with the workshop workbook when they arrive.

Nick with Freedom Personal Development, # 105111-C, Fame Pen/Highlighter – Color

Page 11

Used the rubber jar lid removers as a house drop promotion at an upscale beach community. Was able to raise visibility of my gym to home owners and rental communities to increase membership. I also opened another location in Miami. I selected cloth tape measures to give our members as a way to help chart their progress and workout goals. I have also used the items during outreach programs. I always find people love to get something for free.

John with Steel Gym, # 84029-T, Deluxe Fabric Tape Measure

Page 12

We have a dog training boot camp; at the end of which we make a video of each dog working with the trainer to demonstrate what was learned. The USBs are a great way to send a copy of each dog’s video home with the owner, as well as keep our information handy for them to pass along.

Heidi with Complete K9 Training, # 107494-1G, Palmero USB Drive – 1GB

Page 13

We are a physical therapy company that wanted to increase referrals from medical practices in the area. We decided to cater lunch for these offices and have them eat off of 7” plates imprinted with our logo and website so that the entire staff was aware of us and where to find more information about us. We have already seen a positive response from this promotion.

Brendan with Moore Physical Therapy, # 105462-7, Colorware Plastic Plate

Page 14

Our college’s Industrial and Engineering Technologies Division started offering summer camps for high school students to spark some interest in careers in Engineering and Industrial Sciences. We targeted several specific groups, one of those being high school girls considering Engineering as a career. We developed a logo for the camp and, as a giveaway we decided to order the drawstring sportpacks in Lime Green and Black. With the sportpack, the girls could carry their materials with them during the camp, and afterwards they had something “hip” and “edgy” they could show off to their friends, promoting the summer camp to other potential summer campers. The response to the camp was tremendous and the sportpacks were a HUGE hit with the girls. We were quite happy the following year when we ended up with another great response. Of course, we want to believe that it was the fun activities of the summer camp, and not JUST the sportpacks, that brought us such success!

Ellis with York Technical College, # 6188, Drawstring Sportpack – 20″ x 17″

Page 15

Item was used for our Annual Awards Dinner to recognize our Business of the Year, Citizen of the Year, Nonprofit of the Year and Volunteer of the Year. We had the Cocktail Reception sponsor’s logo imprinted on a cocktail napkins. Really nice white napkin with a sharp crisp black imprint.

Beverly with Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce, # 105454, Touch of Linen Beverage Napkin

Page 16

We offer wine tours to Napa/Sonoma, Paso Robles, California, Oregon and Washington. Our customers received the leather-bound lined journal, with our name imprinted on the front, to use a wine tasting journal. Our customers brought the book with them every day and used it faithfully. We hope they continue to use their journals and think of us.

Carla & Terri with Behind The Cellar Door, # 111262-75, Executive Bound Journal Book – 7″ x 5″

Page 17

Our order was used as individual awards for league champions in our youth volleyball league. The additional intent was to promote our program/department through participants using and showing off their “League Champion” duffel bags. They wouldn’t be able to do that with a small trophy gathering dust at home. The duffel bags were ordered (#6257-S) look great, at a great price, and were received before the due dates. The league champions in our youth volleyball leagues (3 divisions) really liked the duffel bags we ordered as individual awards instead of trophies. Now they have an attractive and useful bag to show off their accomplishment, all while helping to promote our program through the custom “League Champion” screen printing with our logo.

Mike with Fayette County Parks & Recreation Department, # 6257-S, Two-Tone Duffel Bag – Screen

Page 18

There are several local bar & grills by my tax office. One of the “Big 3” with all their advertising budget also moved in this year. I talked to the bar owners and they all agreed I could put out coasters. I even got the bartenders or waitresses business and they helped promote mine. Everyone sites and reads coasters while waiting for their drinks. I was very happy with the response.

Eleanor with American Tax, # 237-RD, Pulpboard Coaster – 3.5″ Rd

Page 19

We have made a new change and we are using the pens to introduce and reinforce the new name. Our patients complete paperwork every appt. Soooo…the pens are put out on the clipboards and we hope/encourage them to be taken…thus making their way out into the community. We also deliver them to our referring doctors offices.

Cary with Advanced Medical Massage Wellness Group, # 6551, Javelin Pen

Page 20

I’m a one person company, and it is difficult for me to be everywhere at once. I ordered stick-on calendars from 4imprint, which gave potential customers a whole year to be reminded of my company and what I offer. NO OTHER advertising gives you that kind of exposure…especially on an item that most people STILL USE!

Kevin with JaK’s Services & Vending, # 7463-RECT, Peel-n-Stick Calendar – Rectangle

Page 21

We use our pens to promote our business throughout towns. One of the ways we utilize the pens to increase brand awareness is to take them to local restaurants for the waitstaff. As any waitperson knows, pens are in high demand in the restaurant business, as customers often walk away with them. We encourage this behavior as there’s no telling where those pens will wind up.

Denise from UpTown Auto, # 6551, Javelin Pen

Page 22

We purchased these luggage tags to use for the early childhood ministry at our church. When a parent drops off a child in the nursery, we write the child’s name on the card inside the tag and affix it to their diaper bag. It’s a great way to identify whose is whose, as well as to promote our name when they are out and about. The tags are high quality and our white logo really pops on the blue tags.

Brooke with Crestview Christian Church, # 86017-T, Find-Your-Luggage Tag – Translucent

Page 23

We were a sponsor for the Potomac Nationals, a minor league baseball team’s “Bark in the Park” event where people could bring their dogs. As a god walking and pet-care company this was a great opportunity. We had special t-shirts ordered with a picture of a dog that said, “Go ahead, walk me” with the “o” being baseball. On the back we put the company name and “proud sponsor”. Our employees attending wore the shirts and we gave some away to people signing up for our raffle. We had some t-shirts “shot” into the stands for people to catch. The shirts were the catalysts to getting a lot of excitement going and gave us recognition that was remembered. Our employees saw a picture of the t-shirt weeks out and were excited with the design to get their shirt to wear.

Becky from Becky’s Pet Care, # 6729-S-W, Hanes Tagless 6.1 oz T-Shirt – Screen – White

Page 24

We are a renewable energy project development company and we exhibit with WINDPOWER each year. We are using our promo materials to get our name out. We love the tote bags and the Post-its® as the tote bags are constant free PR that is also a green product that cuts down on plastic and paper waste. We love the recycled Post its because they are sensible and useful product everyone uses, and they have our info on every sheet.

Ezaree with WKN USA, LLC, # 81029-25-W-R, Post-it Notes – 3″ x 2 3/4″ – 25 Sheet – White – Recycled

Page 25

I use these lip balms as a way to reward folks who help us out with promotions. I include them with mail orders when we have to delay shipment as a way of saying “sorry” and I put them in gift bags when I make up raffle prized to donate to various organizations.

Searah with Early to Bed, # 108818, Lip Balm in Skinny Tube

Page 26

We ordered the insulated lunch bags. I filled them with bags of chips, microwave popcorn, crackers and granola. I placed one of our business cards in the clear plastic holder on the top, and are handing them out to guests departing the hotel and to potential clients on sales calls.

Barb with Comfort Inn & Suites, # 109470, Square Non-Woven Lunch Bag

Page 27

As a small photography business we were looking for a more efficient way to deliver photos to our clients and a way to increase sales, too. We designed the imprint to be a souvenir item, then marketed it as a free gift with each photo shoot. It worked. Prospects mention the free gift when they book. Clients rave about the way we now send their photos. The reusability of the flash drives appeals to our ‘greener photography’ approach to business. And, your shipping costs have gone down. We plan to re-order soon.

Karin with Tropical Focus Photography, # 9619-1G, Square-Off USB Flash Drive – 1GB

Page 28

Booth Buzz

Promotional products might just be the best thing ever when it comes to making sure your booth is the one they visit. Here are some ways to make sure there is a well-worn path right to your booth.

Page 29

As an independent chain of pharmacies, it is very difficult to complete with the large national chain stores with traditional marketing means. One of the fundamental objectives with our strategic marketing plan is to go directly to the consumer at a grassroots level. We attend health fairs, home shows and business expos on a weekly basis. 4imprint has a tremendously broad line of healthcare promotional products that promote and enhance our brand. It is important to select products that people will find useful and utilize on a daily basis. Items that are seasonal or used once and discarded serve no purpose. Our message is “thank you for putting your trust in us” or for “considering doing business with us”. We have found giving someone something truly useful while asking them face-to-face for their business is much more effective than scripted, rhetorical, and much over-used radio spots or television commercials.

Marc from Nevada, #9566, Lip Balm

Page 30

I purchase the promo materials for the School of Health and Human Services at National University and we were trying to get things that people would actually WANT to use rather than just more “expo” junk that gets thrown away. Since we are a health school we first ordered the hand sanitizer spray and the sunscreen packets because we would be promoting health while also promoting our school. We get a lot of repeat requests for these because people love to keep them in their car or purse for on-the-go needs. We primarily use these at healthcare events/expos.

Christina from San Diego, # 8435, Sanitizer Spray

Page 31

Our college hosted the annual winter conference for the North Carolina Community College Presidents’ Association for the first time. There are 58 community colleges in NC and it rotates on an annual basis. We wanted to make a great impression by preparing a gift bag full of goodies. Your products were an absolute hit. Other presidents said that we gave them ideas that they can use when it’s their turn to host the conference. Kudos to 4imprint!

Jeanine with James Sprunt Community College, # 1660-97-W, Kraft Paper White Shopping Bag – 9 3/4″ x 7 3/4″

Page 32

We are software company that regularly exhibits at various tradeshows and conferences. Having pens with our logo is an obvious choice for promoting our company since it’s basically a constant reminder of our company to the pen user. And since everyone loves pens, everyone who stops by our booth takes one. Success!

Meghan with CT Core Technologies, Inc., # 7702-TB, Curvy Pen – Trans Brights

Page 33

We recently ordered your Dog Safe Flyers for our booth at the Great Lakes Pet Expo. The quality of the flyers was good. They showed off our logo and the blue color of the disc was eye-catching. They literally “flew” out of our booth. (Pun intended.) We wished we would have ordered more once we found out how popular they were at the show. These flyers were recommended by one of your wonderful customer service representatives and she was right. They were a great choice for this show. Our objective was to get the BBB name out to consumers along with our website address so that consumers check out companies before they decide to do business with them.

Laurie with Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin, Inc., # 102742, Dog-Safe 9″ Flyer

Page 34

I have two retractable banners that I carry each year to the same tradeshow. They are lightweight and attractive. I also order a giveaway each year. This year I ordered the On The Run Bottle Gripper. I demonstrated them and showed them on bottled water! They were a big hit! Everyone is so exercise-conscious these days and some visitors took two – one for their running partner and one for them!

Rebecca with Holiday Inn South Broadway, #8922-32-RG, Economy Retractor Banner – 32″ – Replacement Graphic

Page 35

We use the carabiner highlighters at job fairs where we recruit for help during our busy seasons. We took a business card with instructions on how to apply to our positions, punched a hole in them, and then attached them to the carabiner part of the highlighter. The highlighter is a great giveaway and they get all the info they need at the same time; it works out great!

Anonymous, #6560, Carabiner Highlighter

Page 36

We recently purchased a new display from 4imprint. It replaces a homemade one we had used to years. The new display is wonderful! It is portable but still big enough for people to see. It is easy to change the information we display (including pictures) because we can use Velcro® tabs to attach items to do it. The new display looks so much more professional and will be used extensively for our club.

Lynn with West Michigan Coastal Kayakers Association, # 100352-B, Fold ‘N’ Go Tabletop Display – 6′ Blank

Page 37

We attended an event with over 1,000 attendees. We set up our booth by the front door and had our bags readily available for pick0up to carry not only our collateral materials, bur ALL materials gathered at the event! Great marketing effort with our company logo prominently displayed on the bag. We also were able to place on each chair at the event. It was very satisfying seeing people carrying our bags out of the convention center!!

Karla with BANDIER Realty Partners, # 16043-1512, Convention Bag – 15″ x 12″

Page 38

We ordered promotional bags with our company logo for a huge trade show. The purpose of the bags was to bring awareness to our booth and get our name and logo out on the trade show floor. The color and design did just that!

Todd from Syracuse, # 106858-1220, Bottom Gusset Polypropylene Shopper – 12″ x 20″

Page 39

People are more likely to make your trade show giveaway if you place it close to the aisle so they can grab it while walking by. At first we didn’t want to make it that easy, but then we decided getting to products out there where potential customers might see them was the real objective, not forcing people to interact with us if they didn’t want to.

Joy with New England Ballistic Services, #104045, Storm Pen

Page 40

I gave away the fridge magnet clip with a coupon good for $20.00 off their next visit at a recent Women’s Expo. We had the biggest turnout at our booth that we have ever had an everyone loved receiving the fridge magnet. Women were crawling over each other to get the free magnet. We have seen a boost in business since then and will continue to do so I feel. The printing and colors of the magnet really stood out and the delivery was promised in three days and the item arrived on time. Thank you for a great product and service.

Alan with Bryan’s Service, #2245-T, Power Clip – Translucent

Page 41

We created a trade show survival kit to give out to our top customers. We included a branded bottle of water, mints, granola bars, a pen and padfolio with our logo on it. Our customers loved it and we had many other customers and prospects stop by our booth to see if we had any more survival kits. We gave those clients and prospects branded bottled water and mints. It was a great success!

Deborah from Cedar Rapids, # 105488-S, Fun Tote – Screen

Page 42

For Your Cause

Whether it’s a nonprofit, school store or fundraising, if you need money for the mission, promotional products work.

Page 43

We mounted a fundraiser to assist our church ministry in adding to the treasury. We needed a product that would appeal to the largest number of our congregants. It is our custom in the church to take notes during a sermon/teaching. For this reason, everyone is always looking for a compact notebook to use and we added pens to the pouch that was attached to the notebook. We offered the book to our members as a Worship Journal and have enjoyed much success in our sales thus far.

Anonymous, # 8596, Pocket Buddy Notebook

Page 44

We are holding a “Get Moving” fundraiser with a contest for who walks the most steps tracked with pedometers. We were so excited to get pedometers that were not easy to “accidentally reset and that came with a radio!”

Mia with Fremont County Board of REALTORS, # 6902-CL  Step-n-Tune Pedometer Radio – Opaque – Closeout

Page 45

We used these sunglasses as a fundraiser for our high school’s Letterman’s Club. We plan on using some of the money to purchase sports equipment for our elementary school. The glasses were a HUGE hit and basically sold themselves!

Jill with Bownstown Central High School, # 109494-TT, Risky Business Sunglasses – Two Tone

Page 46

We do annual Polar Bear Plunge for a great charity called Anna’s Wish (annaswish.org) and since we rely on many of the same donors each year, we wanted to have something new to inspire them to continue to support our cause. The bright blue hats with our custom logo on them were a huge hit and we raised more money than ever!

Catherine with Anna’s With.org, # 112231, Double-Layer Fleece Beanie

Page 47

The youth group I work with does a walk to benefit Northwest Harvest in our area. The shirts I ordered are the “prize” for each girl that raises $50. The colors were well-received and they loved the shirts!!

Anonymous, # 105233-S-C, Gildan 5.3 oz. Cotton T-Shirt – Men’s – Screen – Colors

Page 48

We recently ordered the Spirit Tumbler as part of a School ASB Fundraiser. These have become a hot item and we’ve already had to re-order numerous times; they just keep selling. I would highly recommend this product to anyone considering doing a fundraiser.

Anonymous, # 105869-20, Spirit Tumbler – 20 oz.

Page 49

Donors to our class gift fund receive a complimentary glass imprinted with our class logo. The glasses were a huge hit and were well-received by our donors. We have seen a large increase in donations to the class gift fund, many of which have been caused by our glass promotion.

Rob with RPI, # 82008, Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Page 50

Our Charter School just opened this school year. We wanted to have a fundraiser that our students could really “own”. A Move-A-Thon was decided upon. We started by sponsoring an art contest open to all students K-8. The theme was “I am an Alianza Student and I can move…” The kids were to create artwork that showed what the statement meant to them. The winner (and it was difficult to choose the top winner) had their artwork printed on drawstring bags. Those who turned in pledges of $25 earned a free bag. A limited number of bags were available for $6 purchase. We had the bulk printed on pale blue bags and another set in yellow. The yellow were used for the winners…art contest, most pledges, most laps in each grade. As there are only 12 yellow in a sea of 225 blue, those winners proudly stand out. Our first ever (not to mention our one and only) fundraiser grossed $2200.00. With the great customer service and low prices, 4imprint helped us exceed our goal. Thanks 4imprint!

DJ with Alianza Academy, # 6188-1814, Drawstring Sportpack – 18″ x 14″

Page 51

I purchased 200 Vienna Pen/Pencil sets and gave a set to every person who made a donation of $10.00 or more to the Relay For Life. These were engraved with a symbol and “For the Cure” on them, and everyone was impressed with the quality of the product!

Mary from JBER, # 105103-SET, Vienna Metal pen and Pencil Set

Page 52

Our organization has a major fundraiser every year where we grill and sell chicken. Health regulations require use to wear hats, so we get hats printed with our logo to help promote our organization while we cook and sell. Members get to keep the hats also, and who doesn’t love to get free stuff!

Ashley with ASGSA, # 103010, Pro-Lite Cotton Twill Cap

Page 53

We used the Big Thunder Totes with our logo at a fundraising auction to give to the winning bidder to carry items home. Most attendees left with three or four bags each and we are now seeing our logo bags being carried all around town!

Patricia with Full Circle Life Enrichment Center, # 101326-1513, Big Thunder Tote – 15″ x 13″

Page 54

Money in schools is very tight right now. There is a drive for more technology without the funding to incorporate the technology desired for students. In middle schools, the demand is especially difficult. With the help of 4imprint, I ordered the headphones with a school logo on the keychain pocket. With the 7th graders getting iPads this year as an educational tool, the headphones were a perfect fundraiser to raise money for technology. The students love them and they are selling like gangbusters. I couldn’t have come up with a better fundraiser with the profit margin we have without the help of 4imprint.

Tara with Eastlake Middle School, # 111553, Ear-Buds with Pouch

Page 55

Saying Thank You

Whether it’s for saying thank you to volunteers, to applaud hard workers for a job well done or for recognizing an anniversary, here are some creative ways to say “thanks.”

Page 56

We use the cup and spoon as part of our thank you for attending our worship service to all first-time visitors to our church – not only to visitors to our Sunday Morning Services, but any visitor to any of our programs from a Bible Study to our youth and children’s programs. We deliver our thank-you package personally to each visitor at their home within two days of their visit. Everyone always comments on the look and usefulness of the cup and coon. We also include a single cup size pack of coffee and cocoa.

Don with First United Methodist Church, # 100384, Spooner Mug – 12 oz.

Page 57

The girls at our center went on Pinterest® to get ideas for teacher gifts. We used the coffee mug with coffee beans in the mug, put a few pens and pencils (also ordered from 4imprint). We then put two Starbucks VIA™ packets in the mug with a printed card (printed on a blank index card). Then delivered these to teachers. This can be used for a gift to anyone, not just teachers.

Ray with Sylvan Learning Center, # 7001-W, Challenger Grande Mug

Page 58

Our order will be used to show our appreciation to the citizens of Baltimore City. Every year we have our TOP MOM and TOP DAD Luncheons. This is one of the gifts we will give to our attendees.

Latasha with City Baltimore; Office of the Mayor, # 6686, Exec-U-Card Bonded Leather Case

Page 59

We just opened a coffee shop, so we are selling these travel tumblers. Customers can purchase a travel tumbler and receive a free latte or mocha. Our administration also bought a tumbler for each staff member as a thank you gift, and we have passed some out to volunteers to get the word out and to thank them for their hard work. A week after we had these, one of our staff members was at a restaurant and saw another patron with one of our travel mugs! We love these tumblers!

Anonymous, # 111149, Dual-Grip Travel Tumbler – 18 oz.

Page 60

Our program hosted a community clean up for about 100 volunteers. As a thank you, we gifted reusable shopping bags. Not only were the volunteers grateful, but we were too. The bags have a great color, and the logo looks great on them. The design team did an outstanding job achieving my vision of combining the logos into one.

Tristan from Honolulu, # 5938-1620, Celebration Shopping Tote Bag – 16″ x 20″

Page 61

We wanted a promotional item as well as a very useful “thank you” for our students. This bag fit the bill perfectly. It’s roomy enough to hold shoes, books, snacks and the “things and stuff” which dancers need in a studio – something our students really appreciate.

Ian with Steps To Dance, # 6257-S, Two-Tone Duffel Bag – Screen

Page 62

We imprinted words from our mission statement on the bag and gave it to each of our volunteers I loved that there is a clear-view pocket on the bag. We made a name card for each volunteer so we could tell their bags apart. Then, we stuffed it with items like a lapel pin and mini-flag from our city, pens and bookmarks from our program, etc. Everyone loved them!

Rikki with MSSU, # 7741-S, Essential Brief Bag

Page 63

Jackets were a recognition gift for a safety leadership team for their hard work and to “pay-it-forward” for continued hard work. The jackets are a reminder of the task at hand, as well as a conversational piece. The leadership team is voluntary, so the jacket went above and beyond for those who give a little extra.

Greg from Terre Haute, # 112491-M, Tricot Track Jacket – Men’s

Page 64

Each year the faulty of our middle school serve a dinner to the support staff and their families. This is a gesture of our appreciation to all of the non-certified staff members that take such good care of our students and us throughout the year. We say some nice words about each of them individually, and then give them a small gift of gratitude. I have been purchasing these gifts from 4imprin for the past five or six years, and the type and quality of these gifts are outstanding.

Anonymous, # 430-C-S, Beach Towel – Colors – Screen

Page 65

Purchased the Spirit Tumbler, graphite with yellow school logo. Used for Teacher/Staff appreciation week. Filled with candy and made a round name tag that fit over the straw.

Gwen with Corydon Central High School, # 105869-16, Spirit Tumbler – 16 oz.

Page 66

We wanted to give our staff something a little different than a mug or pin. The USBs were the perfect choice. They can be used for work, school or personal storage. It is a versatile gift that each individual can use for what they wish! We needed something that said “thank you” but within our budget. This worked!

Bonnie from Chantilly, # 112703-2G, Swing USB Drive – 2 GB

Page 67

Our classical music group, Great Noise Ensemble, raised money for our first CD recording through Kickstarter®. We are using glassware and T-shirts from 4imprint as some of the thank-you gifts to our donors. They are among the most coveted product our donors want.

Alan with Great Noise Ensemble, #590-L-S-C, Glidan 6.1 oz. Cotton T-Shirt – Ladies’ – Screen – Colors

Page 68

At the end of the year our principal wanted to thank the entire staff for the successful first year we had as Smiths Station Freshman Center. We ordered the portfolio/paper tablet included with our new school crest imprinted on the front. In the front cover we put a business card with a free food coupon inside. The staff loved it and it was something they could all use.

Julie from Phoenix City, # 105425, Vinyl Padboard Folder

Page 69

Spreading The Word

Whether it’s public safety or simple community reminder, here are a few ideas to help spread the word about your special campaign.

Page 70

We filled the bags with several story books, some school supplies, school information and some school activities. We then set up appointments with the families of our incoming kindergarten students. We visited them at their home and gave them the bag filled with goodies. Everyone loved them and on the first day of school there were a lot of very proud kindergarteners wearing their 4imprint bags with our school name on them. We are doing it again this year and we are expanding the summer visits to include our sister school’s incoming kindergartners.

Wendy with Chichester School District, # 8832-1613, Reflective Stripe Sportpack – 16″ x 13″

Page 71

I am on my company’s Safety Team. We give out items at our entry gate once a month along with a Safety Newsletter to promote that month’s Safety Topic. We also hold a “Safety Day” every January to kick off the year with safety on everyone’s mind. We play games and give out prizes, which we order from 4imprint. Actually, we bought our Plinko board game from you, too!

Vickie with Solae, LLC, # 102533, Tire Gauge

Page 72

As a police department, we see way too many cars in the winter that are being driven with windows that are not clean. We purchased these to give away on traffic stops to increase safety and community relations.

Anonymous, # 8582, Mini Credit Card Ice Scraper

Page 73

The SADD Club wanted to raise awareness about changes in our state seatbelt laws, so they had a brief, informational message printed on the whistle light keychains. The students LOVED their free gift. So many wear them on their ID lanyards. I know that every time they look down that the keychain, they’re reminded of. Why they received it. Hopefully, that in turn motivates them to make sure that all their passengers obey our state seatbelt laws.

Lisa from Chicago, # 6900, Whistle Key Light

Page 74

Our Green Team hosts a Green Week Celebration every year to reward employees for their previous efforts and remind everyone to continue to Think Green. The water bottles we ordered were to assist employees to reduce the amount of disposable plastic bottles, cans, etc. they use each day. These water bottles will hopefully keep our message to “Think Green” at the front of everyone’s minds.

Megan from Delray Beach, # 113793, Spirit Sport Bottle – 24 oz.

Page 75

I ordered tote bags for my church to increase food donations for our local food pantry. People would take home a bag, fill it, return it and take another bag to fill. Having the bag at home was a reminder to donate food on a regular basis. Our food donations have increased 500% since we began the project!

Anonymous, # 101326-1312, Little Thunder Tote – 13″ x 12″

Page 76

“I Voted – Did You?” stickers were given to voters on election day; they generated conversation in town and allowed voters to encourage other to vote…several actually said that was the reason they voted! The stickers were in a photo on the front page of the local newspaper! I just had to smile…what an easy way to make people happy! We all love a sticker, especially one that tells the community we did our civic duty!

Debra with Town of Surfside Beach, # 106607-2, Value Sticker by the Roll – Circle – 2″

Page 77

As a non-profit adoption agency we provide information to the community through monthly information sessions. We give a folder with helpful literature to all participants. Included in this folder is the pen that we ordered from 4imprint. They are a big hit.

Anonymous, # 39152, Bic Clic Stic Pen

Page 78

The idea was to encourage healthy eating by giving the cooler bag to the adults to serve as role models for their students and colleagues. It is hard to know how well we achieved the objective because it is all about changing behavior, but we have feedback saying that the bags are being noticed.

Anonymous, #105258, Deluxe Round Kooler Bag

Page 79

Our Parent Involvement Program tries to provide parents with parenting, life and academic skills to help themselves and their children, but we suffer from low attendance and lack of program identification and recognition. The bags and pens we ordered promote our program and distribute our contact information far and wide on a product that will stay in the hands of parents. Parents actually ask for the items and say “I’ll call you, I have one of your pens/bags!” And they actually call! We have also seen increased hits on our website since distributing the items to each of seven schools and at our Parent Field Day on April 14th!

Shelby Elise with Collection County School District, #102997-2218, Oxo-Biodegradable Die Cut Bag – 22″ x 18″

Page 80

We hosted a Disability Awareness Day (Disable the Label) on campus, and everyone loves the Javelin pens, so we dropped them all over campus to get people to start talking about Disable the Label. The event was a huge success, and the pens were a nice addition to the day.

Crystal with University of New Haven, #6551, Javelin Pen

Page 81

We gave the coloring books to pre-school children and talked to them about the importance of good hygiene, the need to limit the amount of sweets and chocolates, brushing techniques and the like.

Anonymous, # 1034-DEN, A Trip to the Dentist Coloring Book

Page 82

It was for a motorcycle ministry. We used the temp tattoos to draw the children in, so we could share the good news about Jesus with the parents and them. Then the kids left with a reminder for hours of what they had just heard.

Chella with Trinity’s Thunder Motorcycle Ministry, #101115, Custom Temporary Tattoo – 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″

Page 83

My last purchase was for the stress relief cupcake. I had “Stress can be a piece of cake” on it and used these to end my month-long promo for healthy eating and keeping a stress-free lifestyle. It was fun, displayed out on a tray like real cupcakes.

Robin from Windsor, #114632, Cupcake Stress Reliever

Page 84

We are promoting ‘promises made, promises kept’ since passing our current tax levy. We promised we would complete the bike trail project across the county and we are doing it. The tri-function blinking light is an excellent hook to get people to interact with us. They love the product, it has practical use on the trail, and we have their attention to remind them that we are keeping the promises made with their tax dollars.

Jeanne with Sandusky County Park District, #104187, Tri-Function Blinking Light

Page 85

Our keyboard guides are being used to promote wellness among employees in our organization. We recently celebrated our five-year anniversary for the Walking@Work program and sent the guides to all employees participating in the program. Additionally, we will begin handing them out to new employees during their new employee orientation when we cover the wellness opportunities available to them from our organization.

Anonymous, # 113221-SH, Keyboard Guide – Stretching For Your Health

Page 86

Team Unity

Whether you’re looking to outfit your team for a consistent look, trying to build morale, or you want to create ‘walking billboards,’ promotional products get the job done.

Page 87

I purchased vinyl zippered portfolios with our company logo debossed on the front. I generated Total Compensation statements for each employee and presented them with their Total Comp Statements in their own company logoed portfolio. This is something I thought the employees would enjoy receiving. My intent was to put these statements in something the employee would be proud to take home and show their spouse and/or family. I think it will help show them that the company cares.

Anonymous, # 85015-D, Zippered Vinyl Portfolio – Debossed

Page 88

We are a family-owned and -operated bottled water company that sponsors multiple high school and college athletic programs. Since most of the teams were using generic squeeze bottles to disperse our water, we saw that as a perfect opportunity for better brand exposure.

Anonymous, # 86064, Sport Bottle with Push Pull Cap – 32 oz.

Page 89

Our team was having an off-site meeting to talk about issues and concerns regarding moving our project ahead during difficult times. We used the polo shirts from 4imprint as a team spirit and dedication symbol. The project manager has been wearing his so often that we need to get him some more colors for different days of the week!

Cindy from Los Alamos, # 6443-M-C, Jerzees Spotshield Jersey Knit Shirt – Men’s – Colors

Page 90

The royal blue lanyards are for identification of caregivers with my company. We do a lot of work in one particular facility. After a while, the residents recognized the caregivers wearing the blue lanyards around their necks. It didn’t take long before the residents started calling my caregivers the “blue ribbon” team.

Claudia with Clark Care, Inc., # 587, Lanyard – 1/2″ – 32″ Length

Page 91

The personalized leather padfolio is a great gift for our sales team. Everyone is proud to make customer visits looking like a professional, united team with their padfolio in hand.

Rachel from Trotec Laser, Inc., # 9841-D, Pro Tech Padfolio – Debossed

Page 92

At Marian Davis DPM PA, a small but fantastic podiatry clinic at Northshore Medical Center in Miami, we were redecorating our offices to attract more patients in the hospital to our office as well as refresh the look and feeling perceived by staff and patients alike at the clinic. The colors used for decoration needed to be reflected also in our uniform to set us apart whilst also making us still look united in goal and professionalism. The shirts we ordered from 4imprint with the clinic’s logo were excitingly awaited and on arrival brought a new sense of development to our practice. The patients are now able to easily tell who the clinic staff members are and constantly compliment us on our recent better and fresher look!

Adesuwa with Marian Davis DPM PA, Podiatry Clinic, # 105472-M, Harriton 5.6 oz. Easy Blend Polo – Men’s

Page 93

I have built a culture of family in the laboratory. We work together during the day and gather our off-time families together to share meals after work. We work hard together during the day, eat and laugh much on off-hours. The vest is a gift to the team members and an emblem of their membership in the organization. Everyone really liked them.

Anonymous, # 5564, Audit Signature Vest

Page 94

At the end of each school year the PTO tries to purchase a school spirit item for each student. This year we were able to purchase two-tone duffle bags with Riverdale printed on them for each of the K-5 graders and for the same price we were able to print Eastside on them for the 6th graders who will be attending Eastside Jr./Sr. High next year. This is the first year we were able to split up the printing. The students and teachers loved it.

Melanie from Spencerville, # 6257-S, Two-Tone Duffel Bag – Screen

Page 95

The Scout Troop served as the Governor’s Honor Guard during a week at Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island, Michigan. The hats were part of the uniform so we could all wear the same thing. We like to use event hats instead of regular uniform hats for something special. The Fort is celebrating the bicentennial of the War of 1812 so the hats reflected that as well.

Craig from Escanaba, # 113852, Lightweight Value Cap

Page 96

We were doing a software implementation (new EMR system) and knew it would be a long, hard week. We put together survival packs. Included flashlight (for light at the end of the tunnel), sups with drink mixes (to remember the basics), stick notes (stick together) and a toy from the dollar store (to remember to have fun), etc.

Karen with Panorama Orthopedics, # 108586, Nova Tote

Page 97

The USB drives we ordered will be used when our support staff travels to our customers’ locations in order to bring the necessary software to them Having our logo on these brand new drives looks professional and consistent for our company!

Anonymous, # 7409-4G, Swing USB Drive – 4GB

Page 98

The Carrot

Increase participation, improve registration rates and maybe even generate additional revenue. If you’re looking for that ‘carrot,’ look for promotional products.

Page 99

We’ve been selling artisan breads at farmer’s markets for the last year. We’re now in a position to open a store-front bread shop and are giving reusable shopping bags to our most loyal farmer’s market customers as a thank you, as well as to advertise our brand at the markets as our customers carry the bags with our logo (and our breads inside)! We will also offer a promo at the shop: spend a certain dollar amount receive a free reusable logo bag.

Manya with The Rustic Loaf, # 108095, Jute Bag Renew Convention Tote

Page 100

I work in the long-term care industry where the extra attention to residents is critical to their well-being. We have launched an awards program to identify employees that demonstrate compassionate care. Each employee was given a cup at the launch of the project. In addition to the company logo, the cup has the slogan, “I have a passion for compassion.” The cups are a reminder for employees to demonstrate compassionate care every day but they are also a reminder of the recognition program. Employees, residents and family members may nominate employees for a Compassionate Service Award and the cups are just another subtle reminder to identify people that are performing acts of compassion every day.

Julie with The Davis Community, # 105869-16, Spirit Tumbler – 16 oz.

Page 101

We are a school district with a federally-funded grant. We use the items for incentives for the students. They receive “fake” money every time they attend the afterschool program, and “purchase” the items. The blankets were appreciation items for our volunteer school board and staff.

Gloria from Orient, # 105396, Roll-Up Fleece Blanket

Page 102

We use incentives to reward women who enroll in our breast and cervical cancer screening program as well as those who actually come in to get the screening done. We also provide the incentives for men doing the same for colorectal cancer screening.

Madeline with HOPI Cancer Support Services, # 9512-12, Natural Finish Ruler – 12″

Page 103

We ordered mugs as a prize for our Winter Reading Program. When they arrived, we put them on display with information and instructions for participating in the program. We had such a great response when our patrons saw the cute giveaway item we ordered from 4imprint that we had to order more to keep up with program participation.

Anonymous, # 87777-S, Budget-Beater White Mug – 11 oz.

Page 104

We ordered the 4” imprinted pencils with erasers to distribute with forms at a K-12 school-aged outreach event. Because we had pencils with the forms, kids were more likely to fill out the forms. We got marketing data and the kids at the event for to keep a pencil with our name on it (erasers are a big bonus for school age kids)!

Cyndy with USC College of Engineering, # 100496, Mini Mechanical Pencil

Page 105

We used these for our rodeo; our Queen does school visits in our area and this year we used the tattoos with the kids. They loved them! Then we took some to a local bar where we were doing a fundraiser. There we used them to capture information. When people put one on and gave us their email and phone they were entered into a drawing for a great prize. Both ways of using them were very successful!

Corky with Triangle Design & Graphics LLC, # 101115, Custom Temporary Tattoo – 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″

Page 106

We gave each student in our school a sportpack with Lincoln Elementary and our school mascot imprinted on it as a reward for reading month. We love that we can tell which students are ours walking out in the community when we see the backpack! 

Vandria from Coldwater, # 113303-1613, Road Runner Sportpack – 16 1/2″ x 13″

Page 107

We wanted to reward our volunteers, generate buzz, and encourage participation in our risk-management and leadership training sessions. We decided to offer every registered training attendee a scarf with our logo embroidered on it. It was March, in New England, and the scarf was perfect. Younger volunteers said it reminded them of a certain wizarding school… others thought it just looked stylish. It’s versatile (some folks even wore their scarves to a black-tie awards banquet later in the weekend), it’s cozy, and it’s one-size. So, dozens of people are proudly walking around wearing our logo, we had record attendance at the conference this year, and the scarf became so talked-about that we already ordered another batch for future events!

Anonymous, # 109605, Rugby Knit Scarf

Page 108

We purchased travel mugs that have our logo and info to give as a gift-with-purchase to customers who purchase large packages. They can bring the mug in for free coffee every time they tan with us for a year.

Anonymous, # 9188-EX, Stainless Steel Tumbler – 15 oz. – Exclusive Colors

Page 109

My employer requires employees to wear ID badges. We ordered badges with our logo and “Excellent Customer Service”. When an employee is found doing a good job, they get a new lanyard. If they are noticed additional times, they are given a gold start to pin to their lanyard.

Anonymous, # 6226, Lanyard with Breakaway Cord

Page 110

We use products as giveaways when we have parent days each Friday for our 21st Century Community Learning Center Summer Program. Each time we have a parent inservice, the first five parents to arrive at the events. We have gotten more parents to be involved in their children’s education with the after school program.

Mary with McLaurin Elementary School, # 33010-A, 42″ Folding Umbrella with Auto Open – Alternating

Page 111

These wooden nickels will be used as $1 coins that EBT recipients can use to purchase food at the local Farmers Market. We are trying to get local EBT recipients to access the local fresh fruits and veggies offered at the market and increase healthy eating in low-income families.

Tabetha with Tehama County Community Action, # 12945, Wooden Nickels

Page 112

“We have a dog training boot camp; at the end of which we make a video of each dog working with the trainer to demonstrate what was learned. The USBs are a great way to send a copy of each dog’s video home with the owner, as well as keep our information handy for them to pass along.”

—Heidi with Complete K9 Training

“We are a software company that regularly exhibits at various tradeshows and conferences. Having pens with our logo is an obvious choice for promoting our company since it’s basically a constant reminder of our company to the pen user. And since everyone loves pens, everyone who stops by our booth takes one. Success!”

—Meghan with CT Core Technologies, Inc.

“We are holding a “Get Moving” Fundraiser with a contest for who walks the most steps tracked with pedometers. We were so excited to get pedometers that were not easy to “accidentally”reset and that came with a radio!”

—Mia with Fremont County Board of REALTORS

“Purchased the Spirit Tumbler, graphite with yellow school logo. Used for Teachers/Staff appreciation week. Filled with candy and made a round name tag that fit over the straw.”

—Gwen with Corydon Central High School

“The personalized leather padfolio is a great gift for our sales team. Everyone is proud to make customer visits looking like a professional, united team with their padfolio in hand.”

—Rachel from Trotec Laser, Inc.

Page 113

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