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Promotional Products Work: 13th edition

4imprint customers tell you how they have used promotional products to grab attention, grow their business, say ‘thanks,’ raise awareness or otherwise spread the word!

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Welcome to the thirteenth edition of ‘Promotional Products Work’!

And here we are with ‘Lucky 13’! That’s right—this is the 13th edition of Promotional Products Work.

I couldn’t help but use the word lucky to describe this 13th installment of our ebook, but you know as well as I do that it has nothing to do with “luck.” This labor of love is possible thanks to your hard work and willingness to share your successes with the masses. I couldn’t be more grateful or more proud to call you a customer.

Choosing the “perfect product to send the “perfect” message to represent your brand isn’t easy. Our job is to make it easier for you, and I think this little ebook does just that. It’s the collaborative nature of this project—real stories from real customers—that makes it so special. It thrills me to read these success stories, knowing others will benefit from your experiences.

Thank you for helping us help others. If you know someone who needs a little Inspiration to boost sales, thank donors or celebrate achievements, share this ebook with them. Maybe they’ll feel moved to share their success story with us. And maybe their story will inspire someone else. And that, my friends, is what true collaboration is all about.

I can’t wait to hear how you’re doing in 2018!


Kevin Lyons-Tarr
4imprint, Inc.

Table of Contents

  • Booth buzz – page 3
  • Build your brand – page 17
  • For your cause – page 31
  • Spreading the word – Page 42
  • Team unity – page 64
  • Saying thank you – page 66
  • The carrot – page 78

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Booth Buzz

Promotional products might just be the best thing ever when it comes to making sure your booth is the one they visit. Here are some ways to make sure there is a well-worn path right to your booth.

Page 3

Our non-profit organization holds an art symposium every year. This year, we celebrated our 30th Anniversary at a new-to-us venue. The campground has lodges and cabins with trails & tall evergreens and very few outdoor lights. We wanted to provide these flashlights to our members as safety/swag/memorabilia.

Renee from Mountlake Terrace, 118096 Astro LED Flashlight

Page 4

We give items to attendees involved in our research studies so promote our contact information as a reminder to recruit patients into our studies. We also order items for the patients recruited, with our contact information to retain patients and show appreciation for their participation.

Nicole from Tampa, 115891-J Flare Organization Jr. Portfolio

Page 5

This was used as a “save the date” invitational item to promote next year’s conference.

Anonymous, #115536 Aria Stylus Keychain

Page 6

We purchased some items to entice new clients and engage them in conversation in hopes that we can focus on starting a working relationship together. Because 4imprint has such competitive prices, we were also able to purchase additional products to give to our current clients who attended the expo while still staying within our budget.

Lisa from Greenwood, 128659 Charging Cables

Page 7

We gave one bag filled with goodies to each camper at an event. It was fun to see them all wearing their bags around with our design on them.

Debra from Honolulu, 7194 Promotional Drawstring Sportpack

Page 8

This handy desk caddy will be traveling with our Economic Development team to conference as a booth giveaway. This is one item that we are sure will make it home and earn a place on conference goer’s desks!

Jana from Coral Springs, 141323 Desk Caddy Set

Page 9

We used the lip balm at a Middle School Health Fair. Our booth focused on Skin Cancer and Skin Cancer Prevention. The lip balm is a great giveaway for this age group and a good way to highlight the importance of prevention by “covering up!”

Sue from Trumbull, 122135 Lip Balm Tub

Page 10

To attract kids (and then their parents) to our booth at a kid’s festival, we asked them to play a game, so they could earn a pirate hat. And they wanted that hat, so they of course came in over to play our pirate themed game. While they were playing we were able to talk to the parents about our company. It was a great success.

Anonymous, 117203 Paper Pirate Hat

Page 11

The tradeshow floor did not have water readily available for the attendees. We gave water along with the bottle koozie. Very successful.

Carla from Dallas, 107894 Collapsible KOOZIE® Bottle Kooler

Page 12

We used this green blinking ball as a giveaway at a recent tradeshow. They were a great hit, and everyone loved to bounce them around and bounce them as high as they could. Even in a room full of adults, sometimes something that makes you feel like a kid again is the best gift you can receive.

Melissa from Alpharetta, 107475 Blinking Ball

Page 13

We used these glasses at a trade show to help get people into our booth. We gave them a pair of glasses, invited them into one of our glow boxes and took a photo with a polaroid camera. It was a hit and helped people feel comfortable to start asking questions about our products. As a bonus, it was a Roller Skating convention and they love all things retro and 80’s!

Sarah from Calhoun, 120880 Glow in the Dark Glasses

Page 14

These cups were the perfect attention grabbers for our table at New Student Orientation. They made our flyers stand out from the crowd and everyone loved our tableside color changing demo.

Jennifer from Morgantown, 110198 Mood Stadium Cup

Page 15

We will be using our banner as a picture backdrop at our marathon expo and on race day, and are sure all the runners will appreciate being able to take a picture in front of a large backdrop!

Erika from Pelham, 134226 Economy Backdrop Floor Display Kit

Page 16

Build Your Brand

From small business to big business, university to nonprofit, the name of the game is to make sure people know who you are and what you’re about. Promotional products work when it comes to building your brand.

Page 17

We used this to help brand our employees at races that they participate in over the summer.

Susan from Hudson, 120423 Neoprene Sport Armband

Page 18

We broadcast live at a huge 4th of July celebration every year. This year we decided to come prepared for the Texas heat with fans and everyone was thankful. People were running over to grab them and tell us thank you for thinking of fans. We could see our logo everywhere we looked, it was the perfect item.

Lisa from Montgomery, 5137 Hand Fan

Page 19

We’ve been giving these out to people we meet in our community. We’ve recently moved offices and we’re trying to build a relationship in our new area.

Anonymous, 113941 Bic Sticky Note

Page 20

We ordered a banner for our client appreciation event and the banner really did take all our décor to the next level. It made our brand stand out in the most perfect way. We even received many compliments on it. We had it displayed near our office and we got a couple that just walked in and wanted to sell their home with us! It was a great buy!

Kayla from Roseville, 8922 Economy Retractor Banner Display

Page 21

Our church was at a city event and hoping to promote interest with the community folks who attended. We served hot dogs and chips and used the personalized clips on the chip bags we handed out. The people seemed to love them!

Debra from Panama City, 2245 Power Clip

Page 22

We used our coffee sleeves for when we have guests in our office. Just extra added branding!” – Katy from Clovis, 7371 Java Jacket

Page 23

My team wanted a piece of swag that people would actually want/be excited about. The eos lips balms are an instant hit with people, as the brand is recognizable and high quality – and they’re a great way to snag people into conversations about our organization. Plus, now our consumers will have something with our name on it wherever they go!”

Anonymous, 128291 eos® Lip Balm

Page 24

Meals for Dogs is a retail store/canine kitchen where we cook all human grade dog food, package it, then place it in our retail freezers and sell it. The Therm-O-Tote insulated grocery bag is perfect for our customers to transport their frozen meals home in. We also utilize it for our delivery service. It keeps our food frozen for 1 full day.

Catherine from Pompano Beach, 106542 Therm-O-Tote Insulated Grocery Bag

Page 25

Our USB thumb drives allow use to share our video “story” with our sales team, clients, and prospects. We always run out of these very quickly!

Rick from Phillipsburg, 104033 Velocity USB Drive

Page 26

The sunshades were a giveaway at a training class, which had an automotive theme. The sunshade is not only practical, but also a constant reminder of our company and website.

Anonymous, 105521 Car Sun Shade

Page 27

Promoting an upcoming Soccer Camp in our community. Used balls as parade give away items and to put in race bags for a local run.

Anonymous, 100812-SB Stress Reliever – Soccer Ball

Page 28

Instead of throwing candy in a parade our company tossed stress balls with our logo on them. People loved catching the balls and we got our name out to the public.

Perlinda from Eureka Springs, 16018 Solid Color Stress Ball

Page 29

We leave our logoed beer mugs in the freezer for our guests to use for a cool beverage of their choice – this photo was taken during one of our photo shoots

Caine from Broken Bow, 2547 Beer Stein

Page 30 

Raising Money for Your Cause

Whether the mission is a nonprofit, school store or fundraising, if you need money, promotional products work.

Page 31

Flyers were imprinted with client’s logo and were used as giveaways in swag gift bag for attendees at the 9th Annual Wags and Waves Event at Hawaiian Falls Water Park in Garland Texas benefiting several Dallas/Fort Worth non-profit animal rescue groups.

Cindy from Dallas, 17030 Sport Flyer

Page 32

We host monthly Craft Supply Swaps with a suggested $5 donation for admission. If someone makes a $10 donation, we give them a tote bag to hold all the treasures they find at the Swap! The logo bags help us promote AND raise funds for our nonprofit!

Crystal from Flint, 106241 Metro Shopper Tote

Page 33

Everyone that donates to our annual fundraising campaign always receives a gift. We literally searched high and low to find a useful but catchy/fun item for this year and were so excited about the splash coaster. We’ve gotten great feedback, and everyone has loved them.

Lindsey from Jeffersonville, 114627-C Splash O’ Color Coaster

Page 34

We gave away these aprons to all the guys who participated in our “18 Men Who Can Cook” fundraiser. It was a huge success, and everyone loves their aprons!

Tammy from Marshalltown, 122020 V-Neck Bib Apron with Two Pockets

Page 35

We had a skeet shoot and made goody bags out of the cooler bags. They worked great! We were able to fit a t-shirt, two cups, and many small giveaways. Our emblem looked great as well!

Rheta from Gainseville, 126772 Outdoor Camo 12-Pack Cooler

Page 36

We purchased water bottles to give to scouts coming to our facility for a merit badge event. We included the cost in our registration fee and sold the extras to raise funds for our scholarship program.

Erika from Tiffin, 133891 Gradient Color Flip Up Straw Aluminum Bottle

Page 37

We purchased 72 pom-pom hats with our school name on them to boost school spirit and raise funds for a class trip. Although our entire school has less than 400 students (K-12), we were able to sell all 72 hats in just a few hours during our homecoming soccer games. We just ordered 144 more because so many people want them!

Denise from Lincoln, 128163 Pom Pom Cuff Beanie with Stripes

Page 38

We gave away the cell phone wallets as an attendee gift to everyone who came to our spring fundraiser luncheon. Our donors, volunteers and other attendees LOVED the cell phone wallets. They are great gifts and we love seeing our logo across town on everyone’s phones!

Laresa from Hendersonville, 119373 Adhesive Cell Phone Wallet

Page 39

Used for vendor booth at a Michigan Ambulatory Surgical Association conference.

Christine from Great Barrington, 106765 Primetime Pen

Page 40

We purchased the clear umbrellas to use at our annual Golf Tournament Fundraising Event, as well as giving them to our volunteers that so graciously help us day in and day out!

Whitney from Longview, 127510 One and Only Clear Panel Golf Umbrella

Page 41

Spreading the Word

Help spread the word about your special campaign—from a simple community reminder to public safety.

Page 42

Each quarter, our office staff and peer advisors host an event called Finals Week Encouragement. We walk the campus and use social media to encourage and support our students. With 4imprint, we purchased “I Love CSUSB” t-shirts that we used as free giveaways to students.

Matthew from San Bernardino, 6729 Hanes® Tagless T-Shirt

Page 43

We are working to raise awareness in our district about school of choice, and used this so the logo would hopefully be on everyone’s desk through the summer and into the next school year.

Anonymous, 118684 Lock It Spiral Notebook Set

Page 44

Our Therapy Dog group ordered these bags for our members to carry with them on visits. They are the perfect size and go great with the vests our digs wear. We love these bags, they are perfect for our members!

Keri from Lawton, 100528 Satellite Vertical Laptop Bag

Page 45

We are a nonprofit that operates the world’s largest permanent outdoor Monopoly board located in San Jose, CA. At a recent networking mixer for the Silicon Valley Concierge Association we handed out our item – a House-themed Monopoly piggy bank. People loved it!

Jose from San Jose, 112786 House ‘N Home Bank

Page 46

These sticky notes are placed around the community as well as on takeout pizza boxes at several local places, to raise awareness of the need for foster parents and potentially increase our foster parent recruiting efforts.

Chris from Beaver Falls, 2378 Bic® Sticky Note

Page 47

April is Distracted Driver awareness month through the National Safety Council. Being in the Safety Department at a city University, this is an important topic. At a recent benefits fair, a safety committee had a table and distracted driving was our theme. We purchased the pocket sliders with our safety committee logo and we also purchased the magnets with wording as “My Reason for Driving Safe”

Anonymous, 111133-TDD Texting & Distracted Drivers Pocket Slider

Page 48

We used the bags as a reminder that the library is a resource here in the county. The bags combined with the drape we purchased really gained notice and people in the county are still talking about the bags and will come and ask for them. We became more visible to several citizens who had either forgotten we exist or just never took the time to see what we had to offer.

Rebecca from Amelia Court House, 106836 Value Grocery Tote

Page 49

We at Accruent are trying to go green. To help eliminate waste we got these reusable Tumbler’s to keep in the office. There’s plenty for each employee to keep at their desk and to even take home and show their work pride.

Venus from Boca Raton, 6915 Steel Tumbler with Color Trim

Page 50

We bought water bottle filling stations for our elementary school and wanted to provide each student with a water bottle so that they could utilize the fountains and be more environmentally friendly. The water bottles are the perfect size and came in multiple colors so that we could color code by grade. They were a huge hit!

Anonymous, 131553 Flair Bottle

Page 51

We love the Plush Round Hot/Cold Packs. These are included in our get-well kits for WSU Students distributed through our health clinic. Students and staff alike appreciate the plush back and the versatility of the hot cold pack.

Kate from Winona, 129468-RD Plush Round Hot/Cold Pack

Page 52

We are a Pet Therapy non-profit charity and we use them as “Treat Totes” to carry small treats for our pets and our ID cards, business cards, and pets’ health records on our visits.

Kathy from Bryan, 137092 Travel Waist Pack

Page 53

Team Unity

If you’re looking to outfit your team with a unified look, trying to build morale, or you want to create walking billboards, promotional products get the job done.

Page 54

I used these for our opening retreat for teachers and paraprofessionals at an elementary school. I had them imprinted with an inspirational quote that went with the theme of our retreat. Teachers LOVED the totes–just the right size for useful classroom items.

Janet from Greeneville, 131149 Dot Medium Utility Tote

Page 55

We have a district theme each year for our school. We ordered a lanyard for every staff member with the theme for this year. It has worked great as a constant reminder to our staff and students and has helped to keep the theme in the forefront of everyone’s mind. The price of this lanyard will also allow me to order new ones each year for that year’s theme.

Matt from Texarkana, 117242 Lanyard with Metal Bulldog Clip

Page 56

The jackets we ordered were to promote team unity and give our team a sense of pride. In addition, the professional look of the jackets helped our clients identify our team which helped establish an interpersonal connection.

Lee from Shelton, 128360 Conquest Jacket with Mesh Lining

Page 57

I used the mints as part of our Employee EngageMINT, to encourage employees to take a survey.

Kesha from Lebanon, 118346 Flip Top Dispenser with Sugar-Free Mints

Page 58

To celebrate 50 years in business we gave the paperweights/magnifying glasses to our staff. We used the stress balls as give away to our clients to promote the brand.

Anonoymous, 1997 Magnifier and Paperweight

Page 59

We ordered these sports bottles for all our employees. Especially those on our manufacturing floor so they can stay hydrated. This one is being used by our General Manager to help get him through the work day.

Jennifer from Winston Salem, 108431 ShimmerZ Slim Grip Sport Bottle with Flip Straw Lid

Page 60

Our employees often wear ballcaps, but we lacked an official “uniform cap”. We did this to make our uniform complete giving a more professional look, provide everyone a cap free as well as for promotion. I wear mine on and off the clock!

Phillip from Arlington, 138185 Stream Piping Cap

Page 61

We ordered these sunglasses to put in the goodie bags for our company summer beach party, they were a HUGE hit. Employees and their families loved them, and are using them as their day to day glasses.

Bree from Orange, 111512 Neon Sunglasses with White Frames

Page 62

Our fiscal year kick-off meeting had a beach theme, so we concluded with the distribution of Java Beach Towels with our team logo as a thank you for last year’s success.

Donna from Rochester, 138358 Java Beach Towel

Page 63

We ordered these bags for an After-Prom event they were used to hold the student’s prizes. Their after-prom theme was NYC and the image on the bags was also used as a snapchat filter.

Kara from Saratoga Springs, 7194 Promotional Drawstring Sportpack

Page 64

Our team was working on one of the hardest jobs in the company. Long days and tough problems can wear people out. When we accomplished a major milestone, we wanted to say thanks. The fleece jackets with our program and company name are worn with pride- a badge of honor really- for a job well done. The team knows leadership appreciates their hard work as we tackle the next challenge.

Melissa from Nashua, 123990-CB Crossland® Colorblock Microfleece Jacket

Page 65

Saying Thank You

Here are creative ways to say thanks to volunteers, applaud hard workers for a job well done or recognize an anniversary.

Page 66

Thank you gift for a sailboat racing event to some of the staff members that were running the races and assisting with running the event and races. These were the most popular items I had available for giveaways and gifts.

Coco from Norwalk, 107370 Ambassador Bound Journal Book

Page 67

We bought these umbrellas as a thank you for our fabulous nursing team, as part of our Nursing Week celebration!

Kai from Bryn Mawr, 106350 Economy 42” Arc Manual Opening Umbrella

Page 68

We buy piggy banks to giveaway as a thank you when a kids account is opened.

Anonymous, 118643 Piggy Coin Bank

Page 69

Very cool phone battery pack was a hit at our last meeting. We used them as a gift for our speakers.

Abby from Oakland, 134296 Vivid Power Bank

Page 70

We are giving these to the lawyers who speak at our event. We are thinking the outdoor foldable chairs will be a good change of pace from the usual gift.

Anonymous, 104480 “BIG’UN” Folding Camp Chair

Page 71

We have been in business for “52” years so only seemed fitting to order playing cards to give to our employees and customers to commemorate the history of a 3-generation strong mfg. business.

Marie from Fenton, 8574 Playing Cards

Page 72

During our annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, we thank our volunteers with a gift. The water bottles were extremely well received this year. Considering we are a garden and many of our volunteers have worked on the grounds, they will be put to good use.

Jordan from Niles, 9990 Comfort Sport Grip Bottle

Page 73

We gave all our staff imprinted Aztec Soup Bowls for Teacher/Staff Appreciation. When handing the bowl to each staff member, we told them “You are super”. We had a soup bar the following day, so they could use their bowls. Everyone really liked them!

Jo Ann from Isanti, 105257 Aztec Soup Mug

Page 74

We ordered the bandanas as volunteer thank you gifts that also doubled as a map of the camp, as well as a cooling cloth in the heat. And after the event they will serve as advertising with the event name bordering all sides.

Anonymous, 5376 Bandana Pep Rag

Page 75

My “team” recently did some volunteer work for a program that we were running on campus and this product was a way to thank them for their efforts.

Anonymous, 140481 Life in Motion Compact Utility Tote

Page 76

Our employees and customers love to rock the fitted New Era hat with our logo & “25 years of service”.

Caley from Fostoria, 118152 New Era® Structured Stretch Fit Cap

Page 77

The Carrot

Increase participation, improve registration rates and maybe even generate additional revenue. When you’re looking for that ‘carrot,’ look for promotional products.

Page 78

We used the mugs to encourage people to participate in an event we were having. We had 6 different stations where people could listen to a short presentation and receive a sticker on their stamp card. If they filled out their entire stamp card, they would receive the mug! Everyone had fun and raved about how beautiful the mugs were.

Steph from Los Angeles, 114321 Riviera Ceramic Mug

Page 79

We use these items for student positive behavior incentives as well as for our High School Fairs to attract middle school students to choose our school as their primary choice.

Anonymous, 137919 Double Pocket Cell Phone Wallet

Page 80

We use these as giveaways at our charity fishing tournament. It’s perfect for the guests on the boats since we provide ice coolers full of beer.

Jessica from Thonotosassa, 7868 Aluminum Bottle/Can Opener

Page 81

The light-up cups were used as a giveaway for the first 100 students to arrive to an event. We shared pictures of the cup ahead of time on social media and showed it off at tabling events on campus. I believe that it was a major draw to the event and one of the reason some students decided to attend/show up on time!

Anonymous, 123805 To-Go Light-Up Tumbler with Straw

Page 82

We needed a way to sell our product without it getting hot at an outdoor summer event! So, we took the objective of “I don’t want to get it now because of the heat” away from the equation and everyone that bought our product bought it with the cooler bag.

Kathy from Lexington, 105071 Budget Kooler Bag

Page 83

I used the water bottles as an incentive to visit all the vendors at my health fair. At registration people were provided a map of all the vendors, each time they visited a vendor they received a stamp. If they visited 35 out of 45 vendors, then they were eligible for a giveaway bag that held the water bottles. It was great fun for the attendees and the vendors increased their booth visits.

Kristin from Mount Vernon, 116173-H Refresh® Flared Water Bottle with Handle

Page 84

The backpacks I order are used as first through third place prizes for an academic competition for high school students. The students who win first place also travel to a national competition and they typically wear their backpacks for that (which is great for advertising our competition).

Amanda from Boulder, 109777 Atlas Laptop Backpack

Page 85

To help increase sales. 4 or more bottles of wine got a free bag.

Sandra from Hennessey, 109167-4 Four Bottle Bag

Page 86

Share your success story!

Have you found success with your promotional products? You can help others by sharing your expertise! Simply email photo of your product to social@4imprint.com with a brief description of your success story. We’d love to share it with others via social media and maybe even in our next edition of “Promotional Products Work”!

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