4imprint, LLC

| Updated: February 15, 2023

Employers and employees face legal and ethical questions when they use social media (both for personal and professional purposes) that would have been unimaginable in years past. Today, most companies engage in some level of social media marketing. And virtually all companies have at least some employees with personal social media accounts—which makes a social media policy for employees a must-have.

A social media policy for employees is a corporate code of conduct that provides guidance to staff who engage in social media activities—for either personal or professional reasons. The overall goal of most policies is to protect the company from legal problems or embarrassment that could result from employees’ online activities. If your company hasn’t introduced a social media policy, now is the time to explore what kind of policy you need to protect your business and brand while encouraging your employees to be your best ambassadors.

This Blue Paper walks you through suggestions and best practices to help you build (or improve) your social media policy for employees.