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The emergence of a new trend can provide a valuable opportunity to show that your brand is relevant and in the know. In fact, a well-executed strategy that harnesses a current trend is one of the best ways for marketers to connect with their audience and promote their message.

Two people standing at a counter. An array or promo products are on display.


As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. If everybody’s talking about something, a little creativity can get you into that conversation. With that in mind, here are trending promotional items that can get your brand noticed.

Apparel for work or fun

One fashion trend that never goes out of style is general workwear. It’s fitting that brands like Carhartt® have displayed such resilience, given the clothing brand that is now worn by celebrities and tradespeople began with bib overalls for railroad workers. Now, no matter the industry, your customers and employees will love dressing in a trending promotional product, like a Carhartt active jacket or pocket T-shirt.

Pair trendy workwear vibes with two fabrics that are experiencing a comeback: flannel and denim. For those who remember the ’90s, the plaid flannel and untucked denim shirt are a delightful reminder of how cyclical trends can be.

Layering continues to be a popular strategy, especially for people dressing in business casual style. A half-zip fleece over a collared shirt is not only a clean look, but branded outerwear also generates an average of 7,856 impressions over its lifetime.

Two people are wearing branded jackets and walking in an outdoor urban setting.


Speaking of outerwear, the puffer jacket or vest is a comfortable choice for cold weather. Employees can make a statement and show their loyalty on their way to and from work.

Apparel is going casual

Athleisure, known for its convenience and functionality, remains a go-to style for many. Light, breathable fabrics adapt to a variety of settings. Leggings, joggers and pullovers are foundational pieces. These are options to consider for workplaces that embrace casual wear.

For many, the crop top remains chic. If your organization and clientele feel aligned to the style—think fitness center or coffee shop—a cropped hoodie, tank or T-shirt would make a cool giveaway for a loyalty program achievement.

Hats are an on-trend way to top it off

A wonderful aspect of headwear is its ability to pair with so many outfits. Maybe that’s why one hat can generate 3,380 impressions in its lifetime. Bucket hats are seeing a resurgence. It’s another example of something old becoming new again. As for the classic baseball cap, a twist for 2024 is the use of mixed fabrics and textures. With that in mind, the Richardson® trucker cap is a trending promotional item that can unify a team at an event or trade show.

Accessories may be the missing piece

Don’t overlook accessories when considering trending promotional items people will want to wear. The belt bag—aka the fanny pack—is back on the waists and shoulders of folks on the go who favor functionality.

People at a café. Multiple people are wearing belt bags.


Much like headwear, a belt bag is versatile and can be worn with any outfit. That leads to great visibility.

When summertime arrives, aviator sunglasses will continue to fly high. These are another example of a classic look that have come back around and would be a welcome social media prize or thank-you gift for customers, clients or colleagues.

Handhelds carry your brand along everywhere

There are accessories to wear, and there are accessories to carry. Something that remains clear as we continue through 2024: No matter the climate, no matter their contents, insulated mugs and tumblers are here to stay.

People love to personalize their hydration go-tos with stickers and decals. That’s good news for marketers, because research shows drinkware generates 3,162 impressions over its lifetime.

Group of people eating at a table. There are multiple pieces of branded drinkware on the table.


If you run an e-commerce business, throw a sticker in with every order. Or tell your social media audience that anyone who engages with your brand online gets a free decal. Keep the good vibes going and offer a gift card to anyone who then shares a photo of their sticker on social media.

Be current and be seen

Keeping up with trends isn’t just fun—it can pay off too. When trending promotional items help connect with your audience, the result can be the products getting worn again and again.




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