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| Updated: August 10, 2023

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in July 2018 and has since been modified to incorporate updated research.

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report, only one in five Canadians feels engaged at work. Moreover, Morneau Shepell’s Mental Health Index found that 36% of employees feel less motivated to be productive. The good news is both of these issues can be easily turned around, and one of the best ways is to provide experience gifts for employees. Experience gifts leave a lasting impression that can help build employee morale and evoke stronger emotional responses. Bonus—we offer fun and unique employee gift ideas to ensure your workers always remember those experiences.

Coworkers sitting around a table with spotlight shining on one unengaged employee.


Experience gifts work well as recognition for a job well done. And having a shared experience can help build relationships among your employees. Experience gifts, coupled with promotional reminders, can motivate your employees to do their best work.

Unique experience gift ideas include:

  1. Spa day
  2. Learn a new skill
  3. Set sail
  4. Health and wellness classes

1. Spa day

Around 62% of Canadians say work is their most significant source of stress, so offer employees a way to relax.

10 employees in a line. 62% are full color and 38% are faded.


Massage has multiple benefits, from improving sleep to soothing stress. Sending your employees to the spa can be like giving them a mini-vacation. It allows them to return rested, relaxed and ready to work. And they can re-create that experience again and again with fun gifts for employees, like a Zen Scented Tumbler Candle or Star Shaped Massager.

2. Learn a new skill

Using the creative part of the brain can have a significant impact on a person. In fact, research shows that engaging in art can lead to better mental and emotional well-being.

Woman painting flowers on a canvas


Learning new skills also keeps the mind sharp and is an excellent employee gift idea. Combine the two with an employee experience gift that includes cooking lessons or gardening classes. Or give them a chance to try painting through a series of classes or a one-night wine-and-watercolour experience. Then provide them with the opportunity to keep expanding their skills with branded corporate gifts. They can give their green thumb a workout with the Plant in a Bag Kit. Once harvest time arrives, they can enjoy the fruits (or flowers) of their labor. And your new artists can apply their craft with the Stress Relieving Adult Colouring Book Gift Set.


3. Set sail

Encourage your employees to spend time together outside of work. Put a no work-talk rule in place to ensure your employees spend time getting to know one another personally. Canadians who have friends at work are 27% more likely to feel their job is important, plus they say they’re happiest when socializing at work.

Four professionals socializing around a table.


A boat tour or cruise can get the ball rolling. Help employees remember their time on the water with a pair of Vintage Chic Sunglasses.


4. Health and wellness classes

Statistics Canada states that even 30 minutes of moderate-intensity daily exercise can have health benefits.

Man jogging on street past store


Give your employees the gift of better health with a gym membership or a session with a personal trainer. Get a group together and offer to pay the entry fees for a local run or walk. Help keep them hydrated with branded corporate gifts like the Tango Stainless Bottle. They will continue to use it even after the event is over.

Experience gifts for employees bond and motivate

A happy employee is one who wakes up every day ready and excited to start the workday. By offering experiences like team-building opportunities, recognition for hard work, and fun gifts to help employees remember the day, you can motivate your team to do (and feel) their best at work!