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A hybrid work model is when employees have a combination schedule where they work some days in the office and other days remotely. While there are several types of hybrid schedules, the common characteristic is the flexibility to work from home on certain days and from the office on others. Employees seem happy with this working model, with 90% of remote-capable employees preferring to work remotely and 60% preferring a hybrid schedule. Help your team feel connected and appreciated no matter where they log-in with these hybrid employee gift box ideas.

Split screen showing man working from office and man working from home.


Hybrid employee gift box ideas perfect for your team

  1. Organizational gifts
  2. Comfortable apparel
  3. Travel items
  4. Relaxation in a box

Organizational gifts to keep everything running smoothly

According to Forbes, two of the biggest challenges for hybrid workers are productivity and efficiency. That’s because it can be challenging to adapt to shifting back and forth from the office to home, as well as dealing with distractions when working from home. Help your hybrid team keep their work lives on track with promotional gift ideas that make staying organized and productive a breeze. Start with a practical gift, like a tech travel bag or tech organizer, and fill it with accessories they’ll need, like a power bank, wireless mouse and transport hub, to keep them connected no matter their location. A zippered portfolio with your brand’s logo on the cover is the perfect place to keep their notes organized. A gift bag with a monthly planner notebook and bright flag set makes a perfect work anniversary or onboarding gift that will help them mark important meetings and check tasks off their to-do lists with ease.

Comfortable apparel for the home, office and beyond

As attitudes are changing about where employees work, so are opinions about workplace dress codes. Last year, the percentage of workers wearing business formal attire fell to just 5%, while those wearing casual clothing rose from 32% to 40%.


Office workers dressed in casual logoed apparel.


If you’re looking for ideas for business gifts that your hybrid staff will love, consider promotional clothing items that are both chic and comfortable, making them perfect for at-home or in-person workdays. Present your workers with a garment bag along with a long– or short-sleeve T-shirt in a color that works with your logo at your next all-staff meeting or teambuilding exercise. An embroidered pullover or vest gives a polished and put-together look that is perfect for a commute to the office on a chilly day. A cotton pique polo is a great giveaway that hybrid workers can throw on before a video conference call. And for those days when their commute consists of going from the kitchen to the couch, a pair of flannel plaid pants or fleece joggers imprinted with your logo will keep them cozy.

Travel items for an easier commute

The average U.S. commute time is 52.2 minutes a day. And avoiding commute time is one of the top reasons workers prefer hybrid work.


Person driving in car approaching a skyline.


Help make your team members’ commutes easier on in-person workdays with a business gift box. Carrying their belongings back and forth can be simpler with a tote bag, business attaché or laptop backpack. Fill it with handy supplies, like a mobile toiletry bag with mints and gum, or a mobile supply pouch with a pen and 5-Prong Highlighter. They’ll be thankful you thought of the little things to help their days go more smoothly. Know someone who loves to make check-in calls from the car? A car vent clip will keep their device secure and hands-free. Or present them with a cargo box, which can help them keep their work supplies organized during their drive.

Promos for relaxing and recharging

One of the top benefits of hybrid work is the employee’s ability to manage their own schedule, helping them find a good work-life balance. Promotional gift ideas that encourage rest and relaxation show your team members that you care about their well-being. A spa kit, slippers and a candle tucked inside a cotton box tote is sure to be a welcome gift for any team member’s birthday. Or help them get better rest with a sleep mask and cozy blanket. Want a more personalized option? Send a survey asking about your team members’ hobbies and surprise them with a gift to complement those activities. A utility tote coupled with a Card & Dice Set, yoga mat with case, tube of golf balls or outdoor speaker makes a great employee gift box. Include a handwritten note explaining how much you value their contributions to the team, and they’ll soak up all the positive feelings and remember your brand fondly every time they reach for their new favorite item.

The best for your hybrid team

With these hybrid employee gift box ideas, your team will feel refreshed and productive, no matter where they clock in from.